ARC Review | While You Were Gone by Amy K. Nichols

ARC Review | While You Were Gone by Amy K. NicholsWhile You Were Gone
by Amy K. Nichols
Series: Duplexity #2
Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release date : August 4th, 2015
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Source: The Publisher | Format: eARC
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An artist without a cause meets a rebel without a clue.

Eevee is a promising young artist and the governor’s daughter in a city where censorship is everywhere and security is everything. When a fire devastates her exhibition—years in the making—her dreams of attending an elite art institute are dashed. She’s struggling to find inspiration when she meets Danny, a boy from a different world. Literally.

Raised in a foster home, Danny has led a life full of hurt and hardship until a glitch in the universe changes everything. Suddenly Danny is living in a home he’s never seen, with parents who miraculously survived the car crash that should have killed them. It’s like he’s a new Danny. But this alternate self has secrets—ties to an underground anarchist group that have already landed him in hot water. When he starts to develop feelings for Eevee, he’s even more disturbed to learn that he might have started the fire that ruined her work.

As Danny sifts through clues from his past and Eevee attempts to piece together her future, they uncover a secret that’s bigger than both of them. . . . And together, they must correct the breach between the worlds before it’s too late.

Also by this author: Now That You're Here
Also in this series: Now That You're Here

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Take:

After reading the first book, Now That You’re Here, I was excited to dive into While You Were Gone and see the somewhat continuation of Danny and Eevee’s story. See, but it’s not really a continuation. It’s an additional story; one that ties into the events of the first book but yet, stands alone in its greatness.

In the first book, Danny “jumps” into Eevee’s world from his own parallel universe. In this book, we get the story of the Danny FROM Eevee’s world after he “jumps” into the OTHER Danny’s world. Essentially, we get Danny and Eevee again, but they are not the same Danny and Eevee, and not in the same world. Complicated, I know.

This Danny, is not at all the Danny I thought he was the first book. He doesn’t have an easy life, living in an abusive foster home without any real friends and only has to worry about himself. I guess you can say I made assumptions about his character without knowing him and i enjoyed getting to really know him. But imagine jumping into another universe/world where your parents are alive. You have friends and even though the world is one you don’t recognize and it’s rather scary, it’s one you want. 

Eevee too, is somewhat the same yet different. I had to remind myself that this isn’t Eevee, but another Eevee. This doesn’t have anything to do with the execution of the story (she did an amazing job with it) it’s just how much I adored the first Eevee. This Eevee is an artist, and a great one at that. She is the Governor’s daughter but like with the first Eevee, feels the pressure from her parents to be a certain way. When she get’s involved with a cell to bring down new means to control the citizens of Phoenix, the truth about her family, Danny and herself all come to light.

While You Were Gone is a lot more plot driven over the romance. It’s still slow developing romance, but I felt like the plot was more intense, action packed and flat-out amazing. What I love most about this series is how much it makes my mind whirl. Did the events from this world affect the events in the world from the first book? Or was it the events that played out in the first book affect what happened here? Really, it’s the same story being played out in two different worlds, so it’s hard to say. Ya know?

Again, even though While You Were Gone felt more plot driven, I adored the romance. I honestly think I will fall in love with Danny and Eevee in any world. It also makes me think if Danny and Eevee find each other not once, but twice, will they find each other in other worlds? Surely if you have one parallel universe, there are others out there.

I don’t often add quotes, but I loved these and feel the need to share,

“These are just words, though. And all the words in the universe couldn’t contain who she is or how I feel.” — eARC 96%

And this one,

“I’m not alone in this world.

And neither is he.”

Overall – I loved While You Were Gone. It’s a fantastic YA full of action, friendship and a love that spans across the universe. Highly recommend.


Rating Report
Overall: 4.5



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  • Do you believe there are parallel universes? 

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