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Yep, you read that right! I’m looking for Guest Bloggers!

I’m heading out-of-town the last week of June, so I wanted to open up the blog to Guest Bloggers for when I’m gone – and MAYBE on a more permanent basis! For now, let’s just stick to the NOW and go from there!

I’m leaving June 24th – I’ll only be gone a week but I’m looking for posts for 2 weeks. It can be anything from a review, a how-to, discussion, you name it!


Slots available: 6-8

Dates: June 26th-July 8th.

Post Type: Review, Discussion, How-To, etc. Anything bookish goes! No length requirement.

More details: Post will go live at 8am on your post day. All content will be shared via social media networks linked to Lilybloombooks (i.e. mine). You are responsible for returning comments on the post and commenting back on their blog, if applicable. If you decide to cross-post on another blog, Lilybloombooks must be credited and the post must link back to Lilybloombooks as well.

Posts need to be submitted to me 1 week before your scheduled date so I’m able to draft the post and schedule.

Name graphics will be made for you. Any additional graphics to be added are your responsibility – we can chat about that at a later date!

Interested? Awesome! Email me @  lilybloombooks(at)hotmail.com with BLOGGER AD as the subject line, Or, use this form with:

  • Name
  • Links (Goodreads, Twitter, Blog (if applicable). etc.
  • Post type
  • Preferred dates
  • If you’re interested in future posting (short-term OR long-term) please let me know

I’m so excited for this. I look forward to hearing from YOU!


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15 thoughts on “Wanted: Guest Bloggers

    1. tonyalee

      Thank you! It will be nice to go and visit family. Plus, one of my best friends, who happens to be a blogger! 😛

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