Blog Tour ~ Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley (Review)

Blog Tour ~ Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley (Review)

Blog Tour ~ Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley (Review)Ask Me
by Kimberly Pauley
Published by Soho Teen
Release date : April 8th, 2014
Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 304
Source: The Publisher | Format: ARC

Ask Aria Morse anything, and she must answer with the truth. Yet she rarely understands the cryptic words she‘s compelled to utter. Blessed—or cursed—with the power of an Oracle who cannot decipher her own predictions, she does her best to avoid anyone and everyone.

But Aria can no longer hide when Jade, one of the few girls at school who ever showed her any kindness, disappears. Any time Aria overhears a question about Jade, she inadvertently reveals something new, a clue or hint as to why Jade vanished. But like stray pieces from different puzzles, her words never present a clear picture.

Then there’s Alex, damaged and dangerous, but the first person other than Jade to stand up for her. And Will, who offers a bond that seems impossible for a girl who’s always been alone. Both were involved with Jade. Aria may be the only one who can find out what happened, but the closer she gets to solving the crime, the more she becomes a target. Not everyone wants the truth to come out.

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When I first saw the blurb for ASK ME, I knew I had to read it. How insane would it be to answer every question HONESTLY? Or, if you knew someone who had to answer every question honestly? Gah, just awesome right?

This book was really good. Kimberly did a fantastic job developing Aria’s character and I loved those two small chapters we got from the killer’s POV. The answers to all the questions answered by Aria are not always transparent, and trying to figure out what they meant was so fun.

Personally, I am not sure I would have so down to earth and optimistic as Aria, if I were in her predicament. She keeps to herself, is smart but longs for “normal.” The other students in her high school weren’t very nice but she didn’t let it get her down too much. She had great character growth. I loved her grandparents too! Her grandpa was hilarious.

ASK ME, is very unique and has a lot going for it. The world building surrounding the history of Aria being an Oracle was minimal, but I was okay with that. Usually, this is a huge deal breaker for me but I felt like the murder mystery  was the main plot, therefore, needed more focus. In the same token; I figured out who the killer was pretty early on, but I did have some doubts more than once. There was just one thing in particular that stood out as a clue and I knew from then on I was right. My questions after that were just WHY?

As far as the romance does, it felt a little too quick but then again, there are reasons for this. For one, Aria is an Oracle with no friends. She wanted normal SO BAD that when even the smallest inkling of it was in front of her, she grabbed onto it and held on tight. I can’t help but understand that, ya know? The other reason I will not mention because, REASONS.

My Peeve – My only small issue was the attention Aria got from a specific character. I see it, a little bit, but the overall situation had me scratching my head. (Sorry, I’m being vague on purpose!)

Overall – I really liked this! Such an interesting, unique and, at times, creepy. This was my first book by Kimberly but it will not be my last!

About Kimberly Pauley

Kimberly Pauley is the award-winning author of Sucks to Be Me, which was honored on the YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list, and a paranormal mystery starring an oracle, called Ask Me. Born in California, she has lived everywhere from Florida to Chicago and has now gone international to live in London with her husband and son. She is also the founder of YA Books Central, one of the first and largest teen book websites in the world. Visit her online at

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