Top 9 Must Listen Podcasts for True Crime Lovers

Podcasts have been on the rise of the past couple of years – and there doesn’t seem to be a genre or topic left uncovered. I myself, find myself listening to a more.. eccentric side. So, if you’re looking for a collection of binge-worthy TRUE CRIME podcasts, then check out my list of the Top 9 Must-Listen Podcasts for True Crime Lovers.

Up & Vanished is a binge-worthy, heart pounding listen. Season one follows the case of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen and teacher in a small Georgia town that disappeared one night back in 2005. Host Payne Lindsay blows this case wide open.

There’s been a Television special on this case, and Payne has been featured on many talk shows discussing this case, and season two, the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger, a woman that disappeared from a small town in Colorado.

Two Seasons.

Dr. Death tells the story of Christopher Duntsch, a surgeon that was convicted of gross malpractice after several of his patients were severely injured or dead after operating on them. This case may open your eyes to the politics within the healthcare system. 

One Season

Now a television series starring Eric Bana, Dirty John is a podcast about John Meehan, a master manipulator who set his eyes on Debra Newell, a very wealthy woman in California. Isolating her from her family, this story is unbelievable in the ways this man hurt others and how it lead to a violent end.

One Season.

Award-winning filmmaker David Ridgen hosts Someone Knows Something; now with five seasons under its belt. Each season features a new case. We follow David as he interviews family & friends, uncovers new evidence, and searches for answers in these cold cases.

Five Seasons.

If you love the television show SNAPPED, this podcast is for you! Crimes of Passion delves into different stories of friends, lovers, or family that turned to murder. They analyze their background, the dynamics of their relationship, and the psychology that may have lead to them to the crime.

Currently in the first season

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Another Parcast Podcast; Female Criminals shows that women aren’t always the victim. This show discusses the psychology and motivation behind several different Female Criminals. 

Currently @ 54 episodes

A personal favorite of mine. Serial Killers discusses the cases of several different notorious serial killers in history. Broken up in two episodes, the hosts dive into the background, the crimes, and punishment of the killers. 

Another personal favorite, Unsolved Murders dives into cold cases spanning over the years. Broken up in two episodes per case, you get detailed information about the investigation, and their attempts to solve the case. 

Over My Dead Body is a new Wondery podcast. Called “Tally,” host Matthew Shaer tells us the story about two successful lawyers and considered the “perfect couple.” But when this relationship goes from good, to bad to worse, someone ends up dead.

Let’s Discuss

Have you listened to any of the above mentioned Podcasts? If so, what did you think?

Is there another True Crime Podcasts you feel is a MUST LISTEN? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS!

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7 thoughts on “Top 9 Must Listen Podcasts for True Crime Lovers

    1. tonyalee

      I use PODCATS on my phone (basically Itunes). But you can use Spotify, Stitcher, Radio X, or on their websites. Like, WONDERY and PARCAST, you can listen to them on their site.

      They’re kind of like audiobooks, it depends on what you are listening to. It’s more like listening in to a conversation. If that makes sense.

  1. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    Yassss some great ones on here AND quite a few I haven’t done yet! I still need to get to Dr. Death. I just started Over My Dead Body last week! I’m trying to do a better job of keeping up with podcasts lately ugh I’m failing though

    1. tonyalee

      You are BEHIND Lauren! Tisk Tisk lol

      I stopped listening to Happy Face. I cannot stand how she is monopolizing on her father’s horrific crimes.

  2. Lauren Lately | April 2019 - Bookmark Lit

    […] Top 9 Must Listen Podcasts for True Crime Lovers @ The Vivacious Bibliophile | I’m a true crime podcast addict, like many others out there, so I have to share T’s recommendation list! I’ve listened to a few on here, am currently listening to a couple more, and was able to add some to my list too. […]

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