5 Things You Should Bring To The Gym + Free Weekly Workout Planner

Finding a gym you want to join and then making the decision to get the membership, can be a bit overwhelming. You want to feel comfortable and know what to expect while going. But, the hard part is OVER. You’re doing it!

Now what?

The first few times I stepped foot in a gym I was seriously overwhelmed. There were machines that I had never seen before, let alone knew how to use. I over thought that to bring, what to do, if would I look silly, etc. It was a work out just thinking about it!

Don’t feel intimidated though! I got you. Below check out

5 Things You Should Bring To The Gym.


In hindsight, this is pretty obvious… If you are like me and do forget to bring your water bottle, there are (usually) water fountains so it’s fine. Personally, I feel better when I have my own bottle, and because I sweat like no one’s business, I fill my bottle up several times during my workout.

Stay Hydrated!

Comfy & practical clothes

Do NOT be fooled by all the workout videos and pictures on Instagram with all these super cute leggings and tops. I get it – I love them too and want them ALL. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? 


Working out is WORK; you want to feel comfortable, not look cute. Guess what? YOU PROBABLY WON’T LOOK CUTE.

I bought a pair of leggings that I love and work out in, but recently discovered they are NOT squat proof. (Please don’t ask me how I found that out after MONTHS of squatting in them. Lesson learned, M’KAY?)

That’s not to say that the really cute leggings aren’t comfy, but don’t go out buying a ton of expensive work out clothes. To start, a pair of shorts and a tank or tee will work just fine. Look at my pics below. Literally just a hoodie and shorts. 

Ladies: wear a tight fitted sports bra. TRUST ME.

A Plan

Planning out what you are going to do, and having a backup, is a MUST. It can be intimidating, especially if when you get there, all the machines you were going to use are taken and the place is PACKED.

Side note: I suggest asking your gym what their peak hours are.

Write out your workout before going. Have a few different workouts planned in case it is busy. 

Doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

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Don’t be the person blasting their workout music without headphones. Just don’t. Bring headphones if you plan to listen to your own music. My gym has music playing all the time, and several TVs. I also don’t like to workout with earbuds, so there’s that.

The Right Mindset

I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. How much water you bring, if you get the right clothes… if you aren’t ready to work, it’s for nothing. 

You need to push yourself. Don’t quit. Don’t cut your workout short. Do it ALL. GIVE 1,000%. And if you aren’t in the right mindset to do that, you might not see the progress you want.

I struggle too, no one is perfect! There are days I am so not going to the gym because my mind isn’t in it. Don’t use this a crutch though! Sometimes, we do need a push and just get there. Because GETTING THERE is half the battle!

Let’s Chat

  • What are YOUR gym Essentials?
  • Was there anything I’ve mentioned that is helpful to you?
  • Is there something I’m missing and should add? 

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20 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Bring To The Gym + Free Weekly Workout Planner

  1. Brooklyn

    Great tips! I always bring water and cannot work out without it, but I need to use your tip on bringing a plan.
    I always go in so confused at what I should do do a plan is a great idea!

    1. tonyalee

      It depends on what I’m doing. I like loud music or buddies when running for sure. And I like a spotter for certain weights, but otherwise, I don’t mind working out alone!

      Awesome! I’m glad you’re finding it fun and (hopefully) helpful!

  2. Sarah

    These are great points, especially the right mindset! And I totally know what you mean about wanting all the cute (but maybe impractical) workout clothes!

    1. tonyalee

      Some are practical, but not very! And sorry, you just don’t look cute wearing them while squatting! haha

      And yes, there have been times that I’ve gone to the gym, not in my right “mindset” and it wasn’t a good workout!

  3. Deborah Wyatt

    I love this, though i secretly would love to know how you realized your leggings weren’t ok to squat in lol. In everyday leggings I bent down once and a man behind me said I love your mexican hat wearing monkeys, I was confused why he said it, until that night when getting in my PJ’s, and I spotted my knickers had them on! I was mortified x

    1. tonyalee

      I will tell ya! I was working out (at home thankfully) and my boyfriend was getting pics for Instagram and I saw ALL the flowers and intricate swirls on my panties! I had been wearing these for weeks to the ACTUAL gym and I was like, “WELL that’s great!”

  4. Jenny

    Great post! I used to go to the gym a LOT. I would always bring a Lucozade energy drink which really helped but I could have done with drinking more water too. And headphones… music is a life saver at the gym! <3

  5. Christine

    Now I am not the one to go to a gym persay as in honestly donโ€™t have much time to do so, I always do go on walks or jogs with my kids and I am really interactive with their sports as well, so that way I am out there and enjoying it all with my kids so I can still relate to a lot of this. As staying hydrated is important no matter what and needing someone to walk with or to enjoy a job with is comforting and a time to just talk with someone and work out at the same time like everyone else said. Thanks for sharing I will try some more of these!

    1. tonyalee

      I love walking (not running, but I do it!) and yes, water water water. I do like having someone with me sometimes, so I get that!

  6. Melany

    I carry a water bottle, energy drink, and headphones in my bag. To feel comfortable during the gym session, I always prefer the legging and short sleeve top to wear. I completely agreed, it is important to have a positive attitude and work hard on the body for the best results. By the way, all the information you have shared is very helpful with interesting facts. Thanks and keep writing this kind of stuff.

  7. Ashish

    Right mindset and focus. I always see tons of people in the gym just goofing around, texting someone, looking at themselves in the mirror, except workout they do everything else. But, working out requires lot of focus, in order to hit the right muscles and for pushing yourself beyond the limits. As you have said, it is WORK, and should be given enough focus and attention. And, carrying a deodorant won’t be such a bad idea either, especially if you have a tendency to smell bad.
    Ashish recently posted…Top 12 teenage deodorant for girls and boys!My Profile

  8. Emma

    Great tips! I seem to always forget my water bottle when I go to the gym! My gym has a circuit workout and popping out to use the drinking fountain would be mean I’d lose my place and have to start all over. A water bottle is definitely a must have!

  9. Kim

    Great tips. Water and suitable gym clothes for the excercise(s) your doing are must haves. I have bras and shoes tailored to different activities (med – high impact, high impact, road running and trail running shoes, etc).

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