5 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Mother’s Day

5 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has always been about honoring our mother’s, grandmother’s, and other role models. We celebrate in different ways, some families with traditions, and others with gifts.

But don’t forget about yourself! You’re a special person – a mother. A sister. A mentor. A Role Model. Not only should the women in your life be celebrated, but so should you!

Don’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself, or for getting yourself a little something, too! 

5 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Mother’s Day

5 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Mother's Day
  • Have a Spa Day!

Locate a local spa or salon and get a facial, a mani & pedi, or get your hair styled. Or all three! Let someone else pamper you for a change. Even doing something as small and simple as a manicure can make you feel so much better!

  • Go to lunch – ALONE

Go to your favorite spot to eat and have a nice, quiet meal for yourself. You can catch up on emails, celebrity gossip, aimlessly scroll social media (without guilt!) or just enjoy some time alone. Plus, you can go where YOU want to go and enjoy eating. Also – SPLURGE! Get the dessert.

  • Get yourself a little something

Have you been eyeing something online? For YOU, not for your home or family! Take yourself to the mall and get yourself something, GUILT FREE, that you’ve been wanting. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans, a new bag, plants. etc. whatever it is, get it!

  • Complete a Project, or List Item – or START one

Has there been something you’ve been working on, but haven’t had the time to finish? Now’s the time! Allow yourself some time to work on it. Finish it, or make some progress. 

Or maybe there is a project you’ve been wanting to start? Either way, you’ll feel good about doing it!

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  • Just RELAX

Stay in bed. Lay on the couch. Let the young ones or partner do the chores, or just save it for another day. Spend quality time with your family and enjoy their company, stress-free.

Let’s Chat

  • How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? 
  • Share a story of the best Mother’s Day, or favorite gift you’ve received. 

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