The Health Benefits of Travel

The Health Benefits of Travel

If you’re thinking about planning a trip but are hesitating for one reason or another, you might want to know The Health Benefits of Travel.

Yes, it comes with a cost, something that might be holding you back if you just moved into a new home after purchasing one of the houses for sale in Brampton, or somewhere else, but it could be one of the best decisions you make.

Odds are, if you’re like most people, you’re stress level is high – and travel has been scientifically shown to help you chill out, lowering stress which comes with countless benefits. Some say, it may even be one of the best prescriptions for better health. According to one study, after just three days of vacation, travelers experienced a better mood, felt less anxious and more well rested, and those benefits continued for weeks after they returned home.

Here’s a closer look at more of the benefits you can expect.

The Health Benefits of Travel

The Health Benefits of Travel

Boosting Brain Health

Travel helps to keep the mind sharp as you’re typically faced with a variety of new experiences, from new people to navigating unfamiliar roadways and perhaps new languages and cultures. All of this helps to boost brain health, increasing cognitive flexibility. You’ll have a better sense of cultural awareness, and according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, traveling tends to make people more emotionally stable too.

A Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Taking a vacation away from home, as mentioned, reduces stress levels – that results in a lower risk of heart attack, according to multiple studies, including research revealed in 2013 by the Global Coalition on Aging. Experts say that the mental and physical activities associated with travel mean lower rates of heart disease. Their research found that those who travel annually are less like to develop heart disease or suffer a heart attack.

Improved Fitness

Travel naturally brings many opportunities to get active. While you may have to sit for hours on end while driving and/or flying, most people who travel take part in a variety of activities once they’ve arrived at their destination. You’ll probably at least do a lot more walking while taking in the sights, and if you enjoy a stroll across the sand, it will get raise your heart rate significantly thanks to the added effort it takes. There might be water sports like kayaking and trails to hike and bike too. All that adds up to improved overall fitness. You might even discover a new activity you love and decide to take part in it once you get back home.

Increasing Longevity

Not surprisingly, with the reduced risk of heart disease, researchers also so that those who travel tend to have longer life expectancies. All forms of travel, both global and more locally, can increase longevity, thanks to its many positive effects that help keep the body healthy inside and out. You’ll have a better chance of living longer while having fun at the same time.

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