Where to Find Low Cost & Free Audiobooks

Personally, I am HUGE fan of audiobooks. I listen while working, driving, cleaning, you name it. It really helps focus in on my work during the day, or helps me escape into another world. It especially, helps me discover new books that I wouldn’t have typically read; as they create a whole new reading experience […]

creating a home library

5 Tips for Creating A Home Library

This is a Sponsored Post AD | Have you dreamed of having a library in your home? Are you a little envious of Belle in Beauty and the Beast?  Who has that kind of space though, right? It’s not like we’re all living it up in a French castle! Even if you don’t have a […]

Standalone Books That Need a Sequel

Standalone Books That Need a Sequel This one was SO hard for me! I have a special love for standalone books, because sometimes following a whole series is exhausting! But, here a few that I would like to see more from: Girl in Pieces & Salt to the Sea are two of my all time […]

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