5 Ways You Can Support Bloggers

Support Bloggers

Not going to lie – Blogging is hard work! For some of us, this isn’t our full-time gig either. So on top of running a house & working full time, any extra time is spent on Blogging!

Which, is our choice yes. But any support we can get is AMAZING. 

Do you want to know HOW you can support Bloggers, whether they’re your reading material or colleagues? There are plenty of ways!

5 Ways You Can Support Bloggers

Share Share Share

Do you see the little floating icons all around the page? That’s easy access for YOU to share. Whether you are sharing on your own social media platform or emailing to a friend, word of mouth is HUGE for us. 

See a post you love? Share it! And/or Pin in it for later.

Use Affiliate Links

This is HUGE.

I will admit, I spend a significant amount of time shopping online, and I look for other blogger’s affiliate links because I prefer to use them while shopping.


  1. I sometimes get a discount when I use their links! 
  2. They (we) get a small commission for every purchase.
  3. It is no additional cost to you, so WHY NOT!? You are getting what you planned to, and we get a little extra money. WIN WIN.

I have tips for using Affiliate links – 

Bookmark the page for later. If it’s a product you will use at a later time, but don’t want to purchase now, this is perfect.

Ask! I will ask bloggers if they’re affiliated anywhere to have a guide, and there is no harm in asking. There are some companies and programs everyone is affiliated with, like Amazon, but you would be surprised with how many different companies have affiliates.


Let us know our content is relevant to you and you enjoyed it! I LOVE getting comments; even if they’re just a THANK YOU for something I shared. Or, in the case when I only talked about Books, that you added it because of my review. 

To me, no comment is a bad comment. 

Start a conversation

Like with commenting, I love getting emails! I encourage my email list to reply to me and chat. I love helping people, so if you have a question, or want someone to talk to, I’M YOUR GAL! 

I love getting feedback, or any constructive criticism too. I have a habit of making some EPIC typos, and while I’m not asking you or any other reader to be my editor, a little “hey girl, you need to proofread again,” doesn’t hurt! (Of course, this could just be me. Some might not take lightly to that.)

Subscribe & Follow

Simple, but effective! Follow them! Subscribe to their email lists, and use WordPress Reader, Bloglovin, Feedly, or follow by email RSS. These are all free platforms you can use to keep up with THOUSANDS of blogs. 

Bloglovin and WordPress are two daily sites for me, and I follow some by email. There are some blogs I love hearing about regularly, and some for just the emails. 

Let’s Chat

  • Were any of these tips helpful?
  • If you’re a blogger, what are some ways readers and other bloggers can support YOU?
  • Are you a reader, how do YOU support bloggers?

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14 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Support Bloggers

  1. Nicola Niemc

    Anyone who has the dedication and determination to run a blog has my admiration! I always try to use the affiliate links, although I’m never sure whether it works when I get redirected from Amazon US to Amazon UK 🤔

  2. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    I really wish I could get more hits with the affiliate links. My conversion was so low with B&N and BAM that they dropped me. I still provide their book links to readers though. It’s extra work for me, but I want my readers to have the convenience of shopping where they get their books. I might try to get signed up again some day. I just don’t see the traffic I need I guess.

    I also adore comments. That is basically the way I judge my posts. If I’m able to engage readers then I feel like I’ve done a good job with that post. That is also how I like to support other bloggers. Along with shares. I know how it makes me feel about my blogging and I want to share the love.

  3. Nyxie

    Pinning this because it’s so, so important that we help each other as a community.
    I am trying to find ways in which I can work affiliate links into my blog posts, it’s just hard unless I am using my monthly reviews to sell them (which I need to start doing).

    I am considering getting a Ko-fi set up but I’m concerned that no one will use it and I’ll just feel like a bit of a failure.

    I’ve give to other Ko-fi’s but just never thought I had the right sort of blog to set one up.

  4. Chloe Chats

    Love this, it’s so helpful and lovely to support other bloggers, and I agree with you on the comments, if I read blog posts I will always comment because I know that when I receive comments it makes me feel like I’ve done a good blog post so the feedback from others is so encouraging and lovely to see <3

    Chloe xx

  5. Lindsey

    Great post! I don’t really know much about affiliate links to be honest, it’s definitely something I should at least read up on and understand more. But I completely agree with all of these; getting a comment, no matter what, always makes my day knowing that someone has taken the time to read the post and let me know. Love this!
    Lindsey recently posted…Book Review: Gray Wolf by J.W WebbMy Profile

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