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Stitch fix

As a Stitch Fix veteran (if we can count five boxes as a veteran) I believe it’s time to share my thoughts on the company, and share a fantastic offer with you!

With an assortment of clothing subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to decide on which one to choose. 

I haven’t used any other box, but I have friends that have tried other boxes, and I know that Stitch Fix seems to have the best value & price. From seeing their tags and receipts and the quality.

In any case, are you ready?

Stitch fix

Stitch Fix Review

What is it?

Stitch Fix is a subscription service with clothing & accessories, delivered straight to your door! After signing up, you’ll fill out a detailed profile about your size, style, and price preferences; you choose your frequency, items you want most or not at all, and even continue to take little quizzes about things you’d wear or not. You can also message your stylist, and give specific instructions or notes that the style quiz may miss.

Doing this is a HUGE bonus for me since I was able to explain my busty size and narrow shoulders. And short stature. 

How does it work?

Once you schedule your first FIX, you are “assigned” a personal stylist that will review your profile and preferences and take it from there. They select five pieces, ranging from shoes, jeans, dresses, tops, and other accessories, and mail you your box! You have three days to try everything on and decide on what you want to keep and return the items you don’t want, FREE OF CHARGE in a prepaid envelope!

The check out process is EASY. You can use the app, which is what I do, to select what items I am going to return or keep, and explain why. They ask about size, fit, prize, and quality. You can also select to have the same stylist, which is what I’ve done for the past three boxes.

I feel fancy and can say that I have my own personal stylist!


  • 2-3 weeks
  • every month
  • every other month
  • every three months

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How much is it?

The styling fee is $25, each box. However, this fee is applied to anything you want to buy, should you choose to. The items vary in price, but I selected to have the best/lowest price. The most expensive item I’ve received was a pair of jeans at $72. If you decide to keep your entire box, you get a discount of 25%! Pretty awesome, right?

TRY IT NOW! You get $25 towards your first box. ←

Items Purchased

Instead of doing an unboxing, I want to share all the items I’ve purchased from my boxes and their price. Plus, how I style them.

  • PAPERMOON Wendilyn Knit Maxi Dress – $58
  • FRENCH GREY Renzo Brushed Knit Dress – $42

Both of these dresses look great on me! I have a hard time with long maxi dresses, because a) my bust and b) I’m short. But this one looks great. 

The Floral dress is a little out of my comfort zone, just because of the color. But I paired it with a peach color cardigan, brown wedges, and my rose gold watch.

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  • LUQ Rhee Tie Front Top – $32
  • JOLIE – Reid 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top  – $40
  • KAN CAN Annalise Distressed Frayed Hem Cuffed Skinny – $32

The middle top, the knit top, was one of the first items I purchased. I wear it ALL the time. The sleeves are something new for me. I pair it with white skinny jeans or black slacks. 

As for the other two, I haven’t worn yet! The blue floral top is a little low cut for me to wear to work – so that’s out! And the distressed pants are against our “dress code” as well. 

That being said, I will be wearing them out more with friends, and events coming up this Spring & Summer!

Side note about price – with the 25% discount, my most expensive box was $182. Which honestly, isn’t bad for five HIGH-quality items. I haven’t purchased a whole box yet because I am REALLY hard to size.


Hopefully soon!

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Let’s chat

Are you sold yet!? You can go and try them FREE today! Use my link, and you’ll get $25! That’s your styling fee! You get a box of awesome clothes straight to your door, for FREE, so what do you have to lose!?

Comment below with another subscription box you LOVE – doesn’t have to be for clothes.

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7 thoughts on “Get Your Fix With Stitch Fix // Stritch Fix Review

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    The subscription boxes are a tough choice for me. I’m terrible about buying myself clothes and normally wear what I already own until it is in tatters. I’m also about only having 3 days to try on and decide. I would need 7 I think to at least get in a weekend where I have time to give the trying on process the time it deserves. I’ve definitely been curious though.

    1. tonyalee

      The quality is great! I haven’t had an issue with a sinlge item. Plus, their customer service is great.

  2. Sophie Wentworth

    I’d never heard of a clothes subscription like this before but it sounds handy. The only thing I wouldn’t be a fan of would be constantly getting items I didn’t need. You seem to get some cute stuff though! x


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