Books Left Unreviewed | Issue Two, Non Fiction

In this second issue of Books Left Unreviewed, I am sharing some Non-Fiction novels that I’ve recently listened to. Don’t miss the first issue, Audiobooks! Educated was my first memoir, both read and listened to. For that, I think this one will hold a special place in my heart. But not just because of that. […]

Books Left Unreviewed | Issue One, Audiobooks

Welcome to the first issue of Books Left Unreviewed! These will be a compilation of recent reads (or listens)! in bullet point and/or short paragraph format with a rating. Not full reviews. I came to the realization after my first two years of blogging that I was not going to review every book I read. And […]

Audio Book Review |  Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

Audio Book Review | Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

My Thoughts: I wrote some quick thoughts on Sea Witch on the Favorite Audiobook post – but I feel like this book needs just a bit more attention. Books that leave me in wonder for weeks after finishing need the love! Villains have a special place in my heart. I don’t feel all were born […]

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