Review~ Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Review~ Wander Dust by Michelle WarrenWander Dust
by Michelle Warren
Published by kristine michelle preast
Release date : November 30th 2011
Genres: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 374
Source: Purchased | Format: eBook
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Ever since her sixteenth birthday, strange things keep happening to Seraphina Parrish.

The Lady in Black… burns Sera’s memories.

Unexplainable premonitions… catapult her to other cities.

The Grungy Gang… wants to kill her.

And a beautiful, mysterious boy… stalks her.

But when Sera moves to Chicago, and her aunt reveals their family connection to a centuries old, secret society, she is immediately thrust into an unbelievable fantasy world, leading her on a quest to unravel the mysteries that plague her. In the end, their meanings crash into an epic struggle of loyalty and betrayal, and she’ll be forced to choose between the boy who has stolen her heart and the thing she desires most.

Wander Dust is the breathtaking fantasy that will catapult you through a story of time, adventure, and love

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone; you’re sitting there listening to the words but nothing they say makes a lick of sense and you find yourself pondering what the heck they are talking about? Yeah, Wander Dust was like that for me. Only reading. This book took me 4 days to read. Why? I don’t know. I was busy? I was bored? I didn’t understand? Maybe all three. In any case; the first 60% was slow, yet informative. The last 40% was interesting, face paced and surprisingly, full of twists.

Seraphina, or Sera, starts to see things on her 16th birthday. With her paranoia intact, she questions what is real and what isn’t; and if she is starting to go insane. A few instances later, she finds herself living with her Aunt Mona in Chicago, where things get even more weird. Secrets are revealed and she is trust into a world full of time travel, seers and of course, a few evil villains.

Well, to start. I really enjoyed Warren’s fascinating concept of time travel. Using relics and a “key word” to more or less “Jump” to another time and place. Using a team of three– a Seer, who can see the life path of any object. A protector, who has a psychic connection to the Seer and usually travels with the Wanderer. And then, the Wanderer, the person who is actually capable to time travel. All three work together to make sure things move smoothly. Although it isn’t required for a Wanderer to travel with their team, it is highly “frowned upon.” These people make up a society that is hidden from the “Normals” and have a special school to train in. What they actually use their abilities for is beyond me. If that was mentioned, it went right over my head. As fascinating as it was; the executed was choppy, at best. There were often cases of info dump and others were I had to re read because I wasn’t understanding. For the longest time, I was wondering what exactly the plot was.

Although it was difficult for me to initially be draw to Seraphina, she grew on me. She acted out a lot, due to her Dad’s lack of parenting skills. She just wanted attention, ANY attention, and I get that. She was desperate for information about her mother, who died when she was young, and since her Dad hardly shared any information, she felt more connected to her through the secret society. She was smart, funny at times and easy to relate to once her personality started to show more. I like how she questioned EVERYTHING. Who everyone was. What the society did. BUT. The one thing I thought she could have questioned, right away, was who the hell the “Grungy Gang” was and WHY they were after her.

There are quit a few secondary characters as well. Sam, who is Sera’s Seer, was a snotty 13-year-old. I didn’t care for her but I didn’t NOT care either. If that makes sense. Bishop, Sera’s Protector, was mysterious and creepy at times. Sera had seen him on numerous occasions before arriving at the Academy and slowly developed feeling for him. Their relationship development was cute though 🙂

The two twists thrown in at the end had me reeling. I hadn’t seen ANY of it coming. I also enjoyed how everything was connected. Things start to make more sense towards the end and I thought the execution of that was flawless and flat-out amazing. I do have a few gripes though. Like, who sent Sera the picture of Bishop? What is the significance of the “sun-dial” relic? Why did Sera keep that HUGE revelation at the end to herself? Questions all to be answered as the series continues, I’m sure.

Overall- Fascinating, fun and original. Although it was difficult to get into, the last half make it worth reading. I am curious enough to continue the series. But I should probably re read this first 😉

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    1. tonyaleeh

      Honestly though, I think this was just me. I had a lot going on and a lot on my mind when I started this. I will probably re read it at some point 🙂

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