Review~ The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Review~ The Way We Fall by Megan CreweThe Way We Fall
by Megan Crewe
Series: Fallen World #1
Published by Disney-Hyperion
Release date : January 24th 2012
Genres: Dystopian, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 309
Source: Library | Format: Hardcover
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

It starts with an itch you just can't shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you'll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in.
And then you're dead.

When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again. But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike. As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for the island’s dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn't?

Poignant and dizzying, The Way We Fall is the heart-wrenching story of one girl's bravery and unbeatable spirit as she challenges not just her fears, but her sense of what makes life worth living.

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Good grief, I am so torn about this book I honestly haven’t the slightly idea where to start… I’m still reeling. In my opinion, this is NOT a dystopian. I don’t know how you want to label it, but that’s not where I would stick it. These events pretty much can happen, have happened and it’s more real than any other books I read as of late.

Deadly virus. Quarantine. Death. Loss. Survival. Love. Hope. This pretty much sums up this book. Yet, it is so much more.

The writing is what stands out the most to me. It’s Kaelyn’s thoughts, in a journal to her best friend, whom has left the island for school. After a falling out, they hadn’t spoken in quite some time. So, starting off it was pretty much normal. Then everything hits the fan. It was unique because in a sense, we aren’t “watching” things unfold, we are reading about her reactions to things. The virus. Her parents. Her brother. Her friends. ALL of it. And I feel like we get a better look into her mind this way. Yet at the same time, I felt disconnected. Like I was reading her journal months or years after all this. So, while it was fascinating I didn’t have the reactions and connection I was hoping for.

After the death of the first “close” character– and how it was just.. brushed off, I stopped trying to care. Sounds terrible, but you can’t. You have small tugs on your heart and you can’t help but feel. At the same time, you push yourself away and keep all the characters at arm’s length because you honestly don’t know who is going to get sick and die next. And there’s a plenty.

I have to hand it to Megan, because there had to have been some heavy research going into this book. I would like to think my knowledge of medical terms and what not helped, but it was explained in such detail I somehow doubt that. The paranoia, riots and gangs, it’s just so realistic.

It was horrifying yet beautiful getting into Kaelyn’s thoughts and everything that she was going through. I can’t even IMAGINE. You have to be tough and strong during these types of situations and she was. Of course, she had her moments but who can really blame her? The love interest, Gav, was sweet and just as strong as Kaelyn. He had a good heart and good intentions and I see these two going pretty far.

As for the ending that wasn’t an ending, that I was pretty thrown by– is that suppose to be a cliff hanger? I mean, good grief. It wasn’t an ending at all. More like ending in the middle of a paragraph! What happened to everyone?

Overall- Slow yet beautifully written story of a girl just trying to survive and the save the ones she loves. While it didn’t blow me away and immerse me completely, The Way We Fall was still a great read. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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13 thoughts on “Review~ The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

  1. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe

    The story sounds well done and I love when I feel the characters so strongly. What is up with these incomplete endings?! I recently read a book that did the same thing, in the middle of a huge revelation, and…it was the END of a series!! Words could not describe my disappointment.
    Great review, sweetie!

  2. lipsyy

    I’m really intrigued by this. The whole virus thing has been done to death hasn’t it, but this sounds a bit different. Not liking the sound of the ending though!

  3. Donna

    I agree that the writing in this was excellent, up to the ending. I had mixed feelings about this one due the the extremely unsatisfactory ending. I loathe when a book ends without any resolution, even when it is part of a series. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. I wish more authors would take note of the many amazing book series that each book in the series were complete self contained stories with a larger plot thread tying them all together. These days it feels like a reader is almost being bullied into buying the next book in order to find out what happened. Even though, like you, I enjoyed the story and the writing, I won’t continue the series because of the way it ended.

    1. tonyalee

      Right?! I keep seeing post too where authors say that “this is just where the story ends..” How convenient.

      This ending was.. bleh. I just want to read the sequel to know what happens. Too many things left open

  4. Danielle

    Hmmm, this sounds really interesting! That sucks about the ending tho if I can survive Requiem’s non ending I can survive anything lol Great review doll!

  5. readerswonderland

    I’m very curious about this, and your review makes me even more interested. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is an ending that doesn’t wrap the story up. There has to be a good resolution. I think I will get this from the library. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this one!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

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