Review~ Losing Faith by Jeremy Asher

Review~ Losing Faith by Jeremy AsherLosing Faith
by Jeremy Asher
Published by Createspace
Release date : March 11th, 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 201
Source: Purchased | Format: eBook
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Seth Storm, a once famous musician from Nashville, is now nothing more than a fallen star. After climbing the music charts and making his dreams come true, his life took a turn that he’d never expected, causing him to lose it all. But Seth is determined to do whatever it takes to get it all back, even if that includes doing the one thing he swore he’d never do.

After turning his back on his career, music, and the life he had worked so hard to build, Seth embarks on a journey to make things right and get his life back.

Along the way, Seth encounters a storm that threatens his chances at getting back the one thing that could fix his broken life: his daughter, Faith. Forced to travel with strangers, Seth discovers that his success and failure are not just at the hands of fate, but that they also rest within his traveling companions.

This is a story about how far a man will go when he has nothing to lose and only one chance at getting it all back to honor a promise he made to his little girl. The road to picking up the pieces of his broken life places him face-to-face with his demons, leading him to realize that nothing is worse than Losing Faith

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Say it with me, LIFETIME MOVIE.

When I added this to the Freebie Poll, it was because the premise. It sounds so good and at the time, I was still on my contemporary wave (yes, I know I keep mentioning it). Losing Faith had its good part(s). Sadly, there were so many issues I had that I just couldn’t like it, let alone love it.

The good–

I enjoyed the meaning  behind Losing Faith. Second chances, love, hope and a little bit of fate. The story follows not just Seth, but Frank, Trista and her daughter Savannah too. Seth, on his way to Indiana for his daughter, Faith. Trista on the run from her abusive fiance’. Joined together in the storm, they help each other during the journey. We see what when two people are thrown together, you can heal.

That’s pretty much it. Okay, there is part of the ending like I liked, but more on that below.

What I didn’t like–

Let’s start with Seth. This man… he is a douche. I initially felt sorry for the guy, losing his wife and then his daughter; but he was so incredibly selfish and narrow-minded it pissed me off. I get it. When we lose people, it changes you and sometimes, people CAN’T handle it. But that does NOT give you a reason to be like that. I mean, he contemplated leaving a woman started in her car, during a rain storm– INJURED– because he had somewhere to be. Wait, what? YEAH. And that was in the BEGINNING.

This is probably just me, but who in their RIGHT MIND, tries to leave the state in the middle of the WORST STORM your city has pretty much ever seen? We are talking white out conditions, people. FEET of snow. It would have been so much easier to just stay at the airport or hey, call your people and let them KNOW you are stranded. *huffs* Not only that, Savannah (Trista’s daughter) is a little spit fire teenage girl with an attitude. Still, this girl decides she is SO PISSED at her mom, that she takes off walking IN THE STORM. No. I don’t care how pissed and irrational teenagers can be, this was so stupid and was only in there to add tension. Aaaaaand, during this snow storm, they get a flat tire. I mean, c’mon.

The writing. *sighs loudly*

There was NO depth. At all. And 99% of the plot was unrealistic that my eyes were hurting from the eye rolling.

So, we know that Trista is on the run from her fiancé, because not only was he abusive but he was controlling. She is terrified that he would come looking for her and take her. Which is legit, I would say. BUT. Aha, that but, when he DID find them, it was in the middle of the book and so anticlimactic. I was just like, “that’s it?”

I am not one to usually share quotes but sometimes, there are things that pop out and stick with me. And these few bothered me.

“But kids shouldn’t have to understand such difficulties. It was the best part of growing up in this complicated and often unfair world. Innocence was truly greatest gift a child would ever lose.” Kindle location 23%

I can’t even say why this bugs me so much. I agree to a point, but you wonder why your 15-year-old daughter is a prissy, selfish little girl. SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE DIFFICULTIES OF LIFE, because you shelter her and give her what she wants.

“When I’ve found myself in the worst moments of life, and my wife and I can’t seem to get on the same page, I pause, take a step back from the issue, and remember how beautiful and important that woman is to me. And in that moment, the thing that is causing our pain seems to get smaller and become insignificant. I guess when you truly love someone, you love them through the worst times the same as you do the great times.” Kindle location 69%

Well said, old man. Except for the fact that you just admitted to brushing your problems under the rug because it’s small and insignificant because of how beautiful your wife is and how important she is. Can we say, communication? You must work at your relationship, not hope that your love for that person will fix it. It just doesn’t WORK that way.

The ending part I liked-

Okay. We know Frank is here for some reason and while I started to piece it together, I was kind floored by the revelation. Then again, he was also played a HUGE part in Seth getting Faith and on a legal standpoint, I just don’t see that happening. Call me a pessimist.

Overall- I barely brushed all the issues that I had with Losing Faith. There is just too much WTFery going on, lack of depth, the writing and characters you can’t, and don’t, relate to or care about.

But this would be a good Lifetime Movie. No matter how implausible those things are, they are SO GOOD.

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