Review~ Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton

Review~ Lonely Souls by Karice BoltonLonely Souls
by Karice Bolton
Series: The Witch Avenue #1
Published by Bulldog Press
Release date : June 29th 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 290
Source: Purchased | Format: eBook
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Devastated by the loss of her mother, Triss throws herself into uncovering clues surrounding her mother’s disappearance. When the Witch Avenue Coven turns their back on Triss, she realizes she’s caught in a world that is ruled by Lonely Souls. But who is controlling them? 

Recognizing the herbal lore she grew up learning will do little to fight against the underworld, she is relieved when her best friend from childhood, Logan, returns to help her find answers. When they begin uncovering secrets from her family’s past, she learns her mother might not have been the only target. 

But as Triss falls deeply for Logan, she discovers her family isn’t the only one with secrets and his may be deadly.

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I have read my fair share of Witch stories. They are all unique and fascinating in their own way. Lonely Souls had the potential to be one of those reads. But there was so much underdeveloped that I just can’t say that it is.

After the disappearance of her Mother, Triss’s life in thrown into a tailspin. With everyone assuming the worst, Triss is sure her mother is alive and vows to find any clues to her disappearance. With the help of her childhood best friend, Logan, they dig deeper into the secrets of her coven, looking for clues to her whereabouts. But as they get closer to finding out the truth,  Triss realizes she is their next target.

This book has so much potential to be great. I love the magic and idea behind the Lonely Souls and the added mystery of her mother’s disappearance. The “love story”, which I can only assume was supposed to be the sub-plot, took precedence over everything else  and that was really frustrating.  The lack of world building and back story too, was seriously lacking. This is a quick read (or would have been had I not been so busy) and the pacing was nice but I had difficulty with the constant back and forth and the flow of everything coming together. Example- Triss and Logan would be discussing her mother’s disappearance and then Logan would bring up his feelings for her, in mid conversation. It just didn’t work. Also, as the story develops, there are really NO CLUES as to what happened to her mother and then all of a sudden, they had it figured out. I was really lost.

I liked Triss OK. I understood her turmoil and denial about her Mother, but her back and forth about Logan was really frustrating. She’s confused, which is understandable, but either back off or go for it. I also thought she was a little too self righteous for my liking. She was pretty judgey. As for Logan, I honestly thought it was weird that they had no contact for a few years, yet, he was basically holding out for her and his thoughts about her drove his actions. It could be considered sweet, to some, but to me it was weird and creepy. I did like that they did know each other, so there was never that awkward “firsts”, yet I was never invested in their relationship.

I did enjoy the magical elements. I loved that Triss was content with her “healing” abilities and love of nature. I would have liked to know more about the repercussions into Black Magic and exactly what their coven DID. There was no closure to this one either. After a major point in the book, it just ended. Like a ”  …to be continued” type deal. What?

Overall~ I wasn’t a fan. This had so much potential to such a great book, sadly it just wasn’t.  This may be me, because I see a lot of my Goodreads friends liked it. I probably wont be continuing the series.

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9 thoughts on “Review~ Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton

    1. tonyaleeh

      Sometimes, I think it’s me and I’m being such a picky reader. But depending on what it’s about and what genre– I just feel like I NEED certain things. Make sense?

      And thanks hon!

  1. Alise

    Sounds like another great idea, poor execution. I don’t like the sound of the MC being wishy-washy when it comes to romance, either. Plots that focus solely on romance aren’t plots for me, especially when the book promises something else!
    Alise recently posted…DNF Review: Hidden WingsMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      She is really wishy washy. I didn’t like back and forth!

      My thing is– if I want to read a romance, I will read a ROMANCE.

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