Review~ Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting

Review~ Dead Silence by Kimberly DertingDead Silence
by Kimberly Derting
Series: The Body Finder #4
Published by HarperCollins
Release date : April 16th 2013
Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 389
Source: Library | Format: Hardcover

Violet thought she’d made peace with her unique ability to sense the echoes of the dead and the imprints that cling to their killers…that is until she acquired an imprint of her own. Forced to carry a reminder of the horrible events of her kidnapping, Violet is more determined than ever to lead a normal life. However, the people who run the special investigative team Violet works for have no intention of letting her go.

When someone close to Violet becomes a suspect in a horrific murder, she finds herself pulled into a deadly hunt for a madman with an army of devoted followers. Violet has survived dangerous situations before, but she quickly discovers that protecting those closest to her is far more difficult than protecting herself.

*From Goodreads

Also by this author: The Pledge, The Taking, The Replaced, The Countdown


Dead Silence was one of my most anticipated releases for 2013. The Body Finder series is by far one of my favorites, but as the series is coming to a close, I was putting off reading it because, well.. I am just not ready to say good-bye. But, alas, I broke down and snagged it from the library. And let me tell you, this is by far the best in the series.

In the latest and finial installment of The Body Finder series, Violet is still coping and learning how to deal with her ever-present imprint. That musical tune is a constant reminder of what she had to do in order to survive. After discovering the bodies of a family, Violet is on the hunt for yet another killer. On top of that, Rafe and Gemma have started attending her school and as her two worlds collide, she is reminded, again, how different she is.

What I love most about this series is how we are given small chapters from the killer’s perspective. It’s usually hard to read; yet its fascinating all the same. They’re actually my favorite scenes to read. Whatever that says about me, draw your won conclusions. I’ll just tell you; she has a knack for creating dark and twisted characters. I actually had to put my book down because of some the gruesome scenes in this one. On top of that, I love how different Violet’s “ability” is. How different ALL their abilities are.

We have yet another mystery to solve, as bodies one again start to turn up. Aside from that, we also learn more about Violet’s ability through her Grandmother’s journals. We get to see what it was like for her growing up with her ability and she too, was apart of a team. The secrets surrounding that were eye-opening and shocking and I was thrown by just how small Violet’s world is.

Violet has to be one of the strongest Main Characters out there. She is constantly put through the ringer but instead of crumbling, she grows stronger. Sure she pushed away most of those close to her -who wouldn’t?- And I liked how she finally opened up. As for her relationship with Jay; I felt disconnected.. Maybe this is because I was so wrapped up in everything else going on, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

Jay himself has finally grown some balls. You can only be pushed so far before you’ve had enough, ya know? And Jay had his fill awhile ago, he was just too wrapped up in her to do anything. He is constantly supporting Violet and I adore that about him. I just feel at times, he is a little TOO devoted and needs a break.

Rafe. I had this feeling while reading Dead Silence that I missed something from the previous book about him. I know he said something to Violet that was pretty damn important, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. So every time he popped up, I was all “what did he say!?”. In any case- I never had an issue with him personally, yet I was never “rooting” for him either. However, he does something for Violet that is sickening and… sweet at the same time.

The ending, while lacking in oomph was perfect. There were a few things wrapped up but a lot left wide open for us to draw conclusions. I wish there was more in store for us with Violet and her team. I am sad to see this series come to an end.

Overall- I loved it. Perfect final installment to a fantastic series. Thrilling, horrific and just good. If you haven’t started this series yet, get to it! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Review~ Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting

  1. Rebekah @ Reflections of a Bookworm

    I remember seeing The Bodyfinder a while ago and it sounded really interesting. Now seeing how much you love the series, will have to pull my socks up and get the books. Thanks for the fab review 😀 Sorry you had to say goodbye to them though
    Rebekah @ Reflections of a Bookworm recently posted…Organising a bookshelfMy Profile

  2. Chelsea @ Starbucks & Books Obsession

    Great review! This sounds like a really good series. I haven’t read one in a while, but I really enjoy murder mysteries. Patricia Cornwell’s Skarpetta series is one of my all time favorites. I kind of like the idea of getting inside the killer’s head too even if it is a little gruesome. I will definitely need to check this series out.
    Chelsea @ Starbucks & Books Obsession recently posted…Release Day Launch ARC Review & Giveaway: Every Shattered Thing by Elora RamirezMy Profile

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