Review~ A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

Review~ A Job From Hell by Jayde ScottA Job From Hell
by Jayde Scott
Series: Ancient Legends #1
Published by Aurora Press
Release date : May 1st 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 375
Source: Purchased | Format: eBook
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

In a world of love bonds, rituals, dark magic, ancient enemies and immortals, nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.

Seventeen-year-old Amber enters the paranormal world by chance when her brother, Dallas, sets her up with a summer job in Scotland. Dallas has spied something in the woods he thinks could make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But instead of finding riches, Amber unknowingly enters a paranormal race—and promptly wins the first prize—a prize for which many would kill. Soon, she discovers her new boss, Aidan, didn’t employ her for her astounding housekeeping skills and he isn't who he claims to be either.

As the dark forces slowly conspire against Amber, her naivety and love for Aidan catapults her into a calamitous series of otherworldly events. With every immortal creature hunting for her, whom can she trust with her life?

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Another free ebook that has been sitting on my kindle FOREVER. The premise is catching and I was pretty excited to read this. Although this book started out with a bang, it was pretty quick to deflate and left me disappointed.

Taking a house keeper job in Scotland and after a jewel heist gone wrong, Amber is thrown into a world full of mythical creatures. Winning the grand prize in an immortal race which only takes place every 500 years, she is given a gift and all the other.. contestants want to use said gift for their own means. Or, kill her instead. Enter Aiden, Amber’s boss. He has his own intentions and secrets and pretty soon, Amber is left to decide who to trust and who she is willing to use her gift for.

It seems to me that this book was written by two different people. In the beginning, I was wholly engrossed and I was loving the mysterious atmosphere. I had no freakin clue what was going on but I loved it anyway. Then.. once her “gift” was revealed.. Man, talk about anticlimactic. I still cannot even tell you WHY this is such an amazing gift, safe for Aiden’s reasons to use it. Everything from then on, went down hill.

This book could have been cut in half; if the banter between the characters wasn’t so excessive. I get it, their hilarious. CUT IT OUT. After 3 “pages” per conversation (on the kindle) I was just done with it. Aiden’s POV was introduced 20% into the novel. OK, why? There was a distinct different in voice–plus for that.

As for all the lore creatures, there are quite a few. There was a little depth to the vampires and Layla, a deity, but what about the shades? What and who are they? Give me something to work with here. WHY where they so hell-bent on this book? What other creatures are in this Lore Court?

Initially, I liked Amber with her quick wit and humor. She is nursing a broken heart, saving money for University and just trying to do her job the best she can. Once she starts to learn about this “gift” and about Aiden and his friends, she just.. irritated me. She accepts things too quickly, which is a HUGE pet peeve. Her crush for Aiden went to love over night. HELLO, insta love. But then again, she kept telling herself and him, that their relationship wasn’t going to work and that she was leaving. Her indecisiveness was so frustrating. As for Aiden, for a vampire at over 500 years, he was incredibly immature and childish. I just.. didn’t care for him.

With all the secondary characters, Cass was my favorite. She was hilarious! Her book is next in the series and I am too curious not to pick it up!

Overall- There is much that I could mention/discuss and rant about with his book, I should just stop while I’m ahead. I have to hand it to the author for the attempt at a different, fascinating concept of lore creatures, all mixed into one. Sadly, this just didn’t work for me.


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9 thoughts on “Review~ A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

  1. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe

    Aw, it’s too bad this didn’t work out for you. It’s so frustrating when a book begins with so much promise, then goes downhill. And I get annoyed when characters accept everything too easily, as well.
    Great review!

  2. Danielle

    hmm think I’ll be giving this one a miss but I want to know what her gift is! DM lol Great review doll <3

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