Random Rants and Rambling #6 Things I love and Make Me Smile


I am glad y’all decided to come back and check out what I am rambling about now!

As promised, this is the 10 things I love and Make me Smile Post. Hopefully, I will still make you laugh without the added feelings on WTFery.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10. Love Triangles, Squares and Hexagons. OK, I was a little bit dramatic there. But I do love a good love triangle. WHY? Well, for starters some good ol angst. Not to mention, these are THE BEST situations to debate, no? Also, I would like to point out that although I have been with my hubby for like, ever, it’s never a bad thing to have options. Just sayin. 😀

Kidding. I’m KIDDING. Kinda.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

9. Memes. There are a LOT of these for every day of the week. I have met some awesome bloggers this way. I have been introduced to a few lot of books. I get to see why people swoon over book boyfriends. And what is going down on the blog. This is a stalkers DREAM. So now, not only do I know how to woo you, what your MUST HAVE book of the week is, what music you love and that you are a major tease. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING NEXT WEEK. YES! Meme it up bitches!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

8. Ebooks. This is THE BEST thing next to coffee and chocolate. There are so many books that I have read that aren’t printed that have found themselves a permanent parking space on my favorites shelf. Not only that, there are a lot of free and cheap books. And lets face it; I’m cheap. Yes, I still buy hardcovers and paperbacks and make my weekly trip to the library. But, c’mon. (And NO, I do not blog for free books. We have Amazon for that.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

7. Discussions. Opinions and Snark! I love a good debate and discussion. I myself, find that I am less inclined to comment on some. Which is odd. I mean, I have no filter. I guess I am just getting better at gauging what I should say and where. And because well.. there are some people who would love to rip someone a new ass hole and I would rather not have that. But I digress; I have book debates with my blogger friends, read other discussion post. I love knowing what others think about a particular subject. Or really, anything.

I’m nosy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6. Authors. Obviously. Because we wouldn’t have books if not for these amazing people. Or a blog. Or a passion.. I have met some amazing authors. Others I have not met in person, but are the sweetest people and full of awesome. HUGS 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


5. Reading Challenges. I suck at them but they are SO fun to participate in. It’s another way to PUSH myself to read the books that I want to. My blogger bestie and I are were in the works (kind of because we SUCK) at creating one of our own. I will probably bomb like I have with all my other challenges, but hey. Whatever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4. Goodreads/Social Media. I have been a regular user for about 3 years, LOOOONG before I decided to create my blog. I only rated the books I read without reviews (which some people frown upon, apparently) This was my go to tool for ALL things books. I still use it but not as much as I did in the past. I know a lot of people have seen or heard about the drama there. Yes, I have seen it but thank my lucky stars, nothing has happened to me or my close friends there. As for other social media, this is where I met all my blogger friends. And honestly, my blog would be where it is today without.

UPDATE~ I started working on this post before all that shenanigans with Goodreads and their new TOS. Now, while I don’t completely agree with THEM or MAJORITY of the readers about this; I am staying. I have my reasons for staying and I don’t feel like getting into at the moment because this isn’t really the post for that. And I wont sit here and try to justify my reasons WHY. So, find me there is you wish.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

3. Book Festivals. Taking ALL THE THINGS that I love and combining it? Uh yeah. Food, crafts BOOKS and meeting all my favorites authors in one day. Exciting stuff. Not to mention, this is the perfect opportunity to meet our fellow bloggers and discover how awesome (or weird jk) they are. HAHAH <3 you Jess.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2. Followers. I am a numbers girl. I am good at remembering birthdays, phone numbers and well, anything number related. I don’t however, stress MY numbers. Sure, I get excited when I get a new follower. Or when someone comments. I do check them now and again, but honestly– If I didn’t have to update my NG profile or use these numbers when contacting pubs, I would look a LOT less often. BUT I APPRECIATE all my subscribers. Whether it be via email, bloglovin, twitter or facebook likes. YOU are what makes my blog awesome. (Well, yeah me too but, you know.) I started my blog to express my thoughts. Opinions and love for reading. In the process, I have GAINED so much. I feel like I have a.. purpose now. People actually READ what I post. And generally, enjoy it. I love that. SO. THANK YOU, followers! You are awesome and I appreciate you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. My Blogger Friends. Gosh, I feel like I am being pretty redundant. I have met some amazing people since blogging. I consider a lot of them my FRIENDS and not just acquaintanceEspecially my GwB girls. I don’t even know how we all got together, but these ladies are my rock. We don’t just talk books and I feel like I have found my kindred spirits! Best blogger friends, evah! 

~ ~ ~ ~~ ~

I actually had a lot more to add but since I only did 10 for my other post, that’s where I shall stop here!

If you want, share your love of all things in the comments! 😀


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22 thoughts on “Random Rants and Rambling #6 Things I love and Make Me Smile

  1. Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews

    Haha, I love that you love the weekly/monthly wrap up posts! The ones where people talk about their favorite music or trips they’ve taken recently are so fun, because it feels like a slice of the real person, not just the Internet person.

    I’m crap at reading challenges, particularly the readathon ones. I’ve done a few and basically decided they’re not for me. My personality is too contrary so if the Internet tells me it’s time to read, I tell the Internet it’s time to reorganize the bathroom, LOL!
    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted…Review: “Siege and Storm” (The Grisha #2) by Leigh BardugoMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      I agree, I like to see more about the person behind the words and the screen. Which is one reason I do those “10 things” every week in my wrap up post.

      I don’t think I have ever done a readathon, I could probably fail miserably.

  2. Chelsea @ Starbucks & Books Obsession

    I agree with every single one of these. Even though I say I hate love triangles. I secretly don’t because who doesn’t love a little angst and you are so right, they definitely make good debates. I am so thankful for our GwB group and so glad I am a part of it. I love each of you and feel more connected to you guys than some of my friends IRL. I can’t wait until we all get to meet in person. It will be EPIC. Heck ya for eBooks. I too have founds some favorites that aren’t even printed and I never would have read them without a kindle. Hands down, I have met so many amazing authors.
    I haven’t really said much about this, but my husband and I are splitting up after 9 years due to his family and some cultural issues so I hear ya on options ;-). If only my book boyfriends were real. My standards are way too high now.

    1. tonyaleeh

      I use to HATE love triangles. I use to think it was a waste of time because I never understood WHY someone needs to add it. But, I have obviously changed that…

      aww I love yoouuuu tooooo. *hugs* I wish I was able to be THERE while you are going through all this. *hugs* you know where I am if you need to chat!

  3. Tina

    I love a good love triangle too! I find myself rooting for certain people and love it when the person I chose ‘wins’ or others chose the same person 🙂

    reading challenges are so fun too! I find that it forces me to read more books or books that I might not have initially picked for myself. They also keep me motivated because every time I can cross something off, or add it to the list of finished books, I get really happy. Nerdy, but I love it 🙂
    Tina recently posted…To Finish or Not to Finish?My Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      I love it too! I have had my “Don’t throw the kindle” moments too though hahaha

      I think I will be better at planning out my reading challenges for next year. I really suck at them LOL

  4. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    This post was full of epicness. Just sayin’. I am totally weird and it’s all good! I’ve accepted my fate. I love all these things too. Especially memes! Even though I’m really only dedicating myself to a few nowadays. I will never ever give up Swoon Thursdays. (Which reminds me! I need to do mine. LOL.) And honestly? Where would I be without ebooks? I don’t even… 😀 Great post chica!
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…ARC Review: Relativity by Cristin BisharaMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      Hey, I am weird too. Which is one of the many reason we click! 😀

      I think I might have to slow down on a blogging soon (like next week) and sadly, the first thing to go will be the memes

    1. tonyaleeh

      This is true. There are many where I am all “WTF IS GOING ONNNNNN?” But as a general rule, I like them.

      As for Goodreads, I read it and I will just agree to disagree haha

  5. Wendy @ Book Scents

    Awww I love all you GwB gals too!!! Seriously, I love that we can not only chat books but ALL THE THINGS. haha. I’m ok with love triangles but only if they’re well done! Also…. I tend to get all grumpy when the one they choose is not who I’ve been shipping. (ie hunger games) And yes, I love that I’ve been able to talk to authors because they’re all so awesome!!
    Wendy @ Book Scents recently posted…Review: Connectivity by Aven EllisMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      Hunger Games!? Are you for real? YOU WERE A GAIL FAN? AHHH!!

      Just wait until you hear my author stories in the next few weeks.

  6. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    Fun post Tonya!!! I love a well done Love Triangle. You should check out the Fate Series by Heather Lyons. It has my fav. love triangle in it. I’ve meet a lot of bloggy friends from Swoon Thursdays. Meme’s are pretty fun, and it’s a great way to meet other bloggers. Love the GIFS you put in your post 🙂
    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape recently posted…Swoon Thursday (40)My Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      I actually just picked up the first book in the Fate series. Everyone has been telling me that I would LOVE that love triangle!

      I think I have met 80% of my blogger friends through memes. 🙂

      And Thank you! I was mentioning to my friend that I thought it was hilarious most are from disney/pixar movies!

  7. Let's Talk: Blogger to Blogger | Memes ⋆ LilybloombooksLilybloombooks

    […] I first started blogging, I was obsessed with memes. At the time, it was my only “interaction” with other bloggers and I met some of my […]

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