Random Rants and Ramblings #11~ Mixing Genres on the Blog- Good or Bad?

Random rants

I am on a roll with these, huh!?

I’ve been making comments on Social Media over the past few weeks about ALL THE THINGS I want to discuss and vent about. They are good, trust me. BUT. This topic specifically, I have discussed with my closest blogger friends and want to open it up and what not and get some feed back.

It’s not controversial– no feathers should be ruffled.

There are an array of blog posts, especially lately, about what readers/bloggers LOOK for when they decide to follow a blog. Whether it be their reviews, their design, their humor, snark or whatever; there is always something we particularly look for, yes?

But what about Genre specific blogs?

See, I read A LOT of different genres. From Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, New Adult, Fantasy to Erotica. But I have noticed that 90% of the comments, and traffic, are on Young Adult books (New Adult coming at a close second). Which is fine. That’s awesome. But lately, I have been in an ADULT mood (I am thinking my Young Adult wave has reached its peak) and I have actually blocked specific days for those more Adult novels.

I am not a YA blog. No where does it say, “A YOUNG ADULT REVIEW BLOG” (yes, it does say I primarily read/review YA & NA but that’s outdated) but I realize that most of my readers are YA readers/reviewers. They don’t particularly want to see my review of an Erotica. I get that, because I don’t necessarily want to read reviews on genres I don’t usually read either. (But I do, sometimes). You like what you like and who wants to waste their time reading a review on something they would NEVER read? No one.

I don’t want to be STUCK. I don’t want the same ol things coming from my blog, as I see on a lot of others. Nothing against that, again, you like what you like, you do you and what not. But that isn’t ME. I want to mix it up. Bring something different, new and fresh every once in a while.

So, this begs the question(s):

Should I make a new blog JUST for Adult Reviews?

*laughs hysterically* Because, I have the time for that. But I have thought about it.

Should I make it a FEATURE?

Eh, not really wanting to.. because, this isn’t a “special thing.” It’s something I am wanting to incorporate into my blog as a WHOLE.

Should I make ANOTHER Menu tap, with YA, NA and ADULT review?

This might work. But then you would have to LOOK for those reviews, under the menu. And you can do that under the “Review Archive” anyway.

Should I just make an announcement saying, “HEY! Just so you knooooooow, there will be more sexy time reviews here, mmm’kay?”


Should I make an announcement of what days to find what reviews?

Why did I even ask this?


Obviously, I don’t want to necessarily cater (HA! Yeah, that) But at the same time, I kind of want to do my own thing, without scaring others off, ya know?

That leaves us to discuss –

On those blogs that you follow, are they genre specific? Or are they a mix?

Do you prefer genre specific blogs?

Do you think Young Adult and Adult reviews could/should share the same space?

Do you run a genre specific blog?

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24 thoughts on “Random Rants and Ramblings #11~ Mixing Genres on the Blog- Good or Bad?

  1. Danielle

    You know what I’m going to say right? Blog how you want to blog lol. I follow a few blogs that are all YA, others that are all NA and others that have a wild mix from MG to steamy adult (which to be fair sounds like mine) and tbh it’s the blurb of the book that makes me decide whether I want to read the review. If I am on a YA kick it doesn’t mean that I’ll read all the YA reviews, only the ones that I think I’ll have an interest in but it doesn’t mean I’ll dismiss a review because it’s an adult book because I know further down the line I’ll be on an adult kick so I want to take note. Now there are other people who are a little stricter with their preferences and will flat out refuse to read books or reviews that don’t fit their tastes but I don’t think that means you should feel you should “cater” to them. Whatever you want to read and review you should do so!
    Danielle recently posted…Is it ethical to review a book you’ve beta read?My Profile

  2. Charleen

    Most blogs I follow are a mix of genres, because I read a mix of genres (and it’s rare to find blogs that focus on my favorites anyway). Some reviews appeal to me, some don’t… the ones that don’t I simply skim or skip altogether. It’s not going to make me stop following the blog as long as there’s enough other content I enjoy.

    My blog is genre-specific(ish). I focus on thrillers… but in a broadly defined sense that also includes mystery, horror, and suspense. Those are my reviews. But most of my discussion posts are about things all readers can relate to, and I’ve started a monthly wrap up that includes all the books I read, thriller or not.

    I think, even if you have a niche, there has to be at least some wiggle room to let your true self through (unless you really do read all in one genre, then I guess it’s easy… but I can’t see doing that). But I don’t see the problem if your blog naturally evolves as your reading does. Yeah, some readers who were only here for YA might leave… but that’s not a reason to keep reading YA and producing YA-centric content if you’re not into it anymore.
    Charleen recently posted…Specific Criticism and Vague PraiseMy Profile

  3. Janina @ Synchronized Reading

    I definitely don’t think you should make a new blog, unless you want to! I myself love reading YA, but every once in awhile I read an adult book and review it on the blog. Most would think that my blog is just YA because the majority of the reviews I post are YA, but it’s not. I love adult books, but have strayed from the genre since I’ve started blogging, but I’m slowly starting to get back into it. It’s ultimately up to you if you decide you want to make a new blog, but I don’t think it’s necessary ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of the blogs that I read are a mix lol I didn’t realize that until this post. They either mainly YA and review some adult here and there or they are adult and review a little YA here and there. Great post!
    Janina @ Synchronized Reading recently posted…Locked by Eva MorganMy Profile

  4. Christy

    I’m all about posting whatever you want to post. While most of my reviews are YA, I still post reviews on adult books and NA books that I read. Yes, they are in the minority because most of what I read is YA but I will still review them. But like you said above, I have noticed that they don’t drive as much traffic as YA book reviews do.

    As for the blogs I follow, most are a mix of genres. I think you should do what you feel is right for you and your blog, whether it means starting a adult one or just posting everything on this one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Christy recently posted…Discussion | Reading SchedulesMy Profile

  5. Bea @Bea's Book Nook

    I vote for an announcement and updating the menu tab. I personally like blogs that are a mix of genres since I also read a bunch of genres.

    It’s your blog, read and review what YOU want. Readers who enjoy your posts and your mix will stick around and they’ll spread the word. Our interests are always changing, don’t tie yourself down.

  6. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    Great question Tonya! I love reading a variety of genres, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at my blog. I was on a N.A. kick when I started blogging, and now that’s what the majority of review requests are. I miss Y.A. and paranormal. I want to diversify my blog and incorporate more variety. My favorite blogs are ones that have books that appeal to me, along with reviews that I enjoy. I follow some blogs that are all NA, some that are YA, and some that are a mix.
    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape recently posted…Blog Tour: Some Like It Wild (The Wild Ones #2) By: M. LeightonMy Profile

  7. Jenny

    Hey, new follower. You bring up an interesting point. I say blog about what you want. If your reviewing or talking about something I’m not interested in I’d just skim your post and may or may not comment. And I’d expect the same of anyone else on my blog. I read all sorts of things and my YA readers rarely say anything on my adult books postings and I’m perfectly ok with that. Just do what you want. That’s what I say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Annie

    I think to a certain degree if it’s your blog and it’s a book blog then you should be able to do whatever you want.

    As maybe a point of clarity you could come up with a identification in the subject. Like several of the blogs I follow with have “Review: [title]” or just a “Feature: [title]” which makes it really easy to see what kind of a post it is. You could take it one step further and have a clever sort of “YA Review: [title]” “Adult Review: [title]” or whatever. And that way your readers would know what it is and read the posts they want to read and skip the ones they don’t.

    All the blogs I follow I do through feedly so I can look through all the posts and open or read through the ones I’m interested in. Which makes it simple. Bloggers blog about whatever they want to and I read whatever of that I want to and it all works beautifully ๐Ÿ™‚
    Annie recently posted…Instantaneous loveMy Profile

  9. Maggie K

    Maybe instead of a “Feature” you can have a specific day/week a month to review and post those reads you don’t review on a regular basis. Having 2 blogs can be time consuming and tough, not to mention quite difficult to keep up with (don’t I know it). Perhaps making those genre specific reviews a MeMe makes it easier to be implemented in your blog. You are doing a great job, I think anyone who follows you will read ANYTHING you post ๐Ÿ™‚ (I am a silent follower by the way…lol)
    Maggie K recently posted…Review: Behind His Eyes (Consequences) by Aleatha RomigMy Profile

  10. Julie S.

    I think you have a book blog, and all that is expected is you blog about books! ๐Ÿ™‚
    So, pick whatever genre suits your mood for the time, and blog about it. Sure, picking specific days for specific genre might be cool, and might help your followers know what books to expect to see reviews on, but you shouldn’t have to feel you should put yourself in a box and stick a label on it. Enjoy what you read and what you write about, and just do a little bit of everything to keep people of varying interests coming back ๐Ÿ™‚
    Julie S. recently posted…Book Tour: Astral Tide by Anna SilverMy Profile

    1. Julie S.

      I guess I should maybe add and answer some of those other questions. I don’t run a genre-specific blog either. When my co-blogger still did reviews, she typically focused on what she read – YA and NA. I focus on what I read, YA, Paranormal and Dystopia, Book club type books, etc. I keep it clean for fans of all ages, but I don’t limit myself. I read multi-genre blogs and specific-genre blogs, and like both for various reasons. I do think YA and Adult reviews can live on the same blog as long as the reviews are kept relatively clean with a content warning.
      Julie S. recently posted…Chat Between Chapters: Do You Listen to Authorโ€™s Playlists?My Profile

  11. Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

    I started out reviewing only YA books but I’ve slowly been gravitating towards reviewing other genres & categories that I like like NA and Adult so my blog is definitely not genre specific any longer. I follow a lot of blogs that aren’t genre specific and I really like it. Often I find a lot of adult books that I hadn’t heard of from these blogs and I really enjoy the mix!! I also don’t mind if YA and Adult share the same space, in fact I like it because it’s always fun to see the different span of reviews! I think everyone should blog about whatever interests them !! Great discussion and I’m glad I discovered your blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently posted…Stacking the Shelves (70)My Profile

  12. Tanya Patrice

    Like most other people said – I’m in the camp of “review whatever you want.” It’s fallacy to stick to something because you think that’s what readers want – their tastes are eventually going to change too, and you’ll lose some followers and gain some ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…#WeeklyReading With Joyland by Stephen KingMy Profile

  13. Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews

    I think you should do whatever you want! Post the topics you want and your readers will read what they want to read. At the end of the day, it’s your site. You’re creating the content, laboring over formatting, paying for hosting fees. That’s what I always tell myself when I think, “Should I post this?” It’s the non-obnoxious version of “I do what I want.”
    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted…Review: “Branded” by Keary TaylorMy Profile

  14. Jaime Lester

    I think that you should review what you read, and if your readers don’t want to check out that review then they can skip it. I know you care for your readers, but this is YOUR blog. You made it for you, to talk about your love for books. So, I think that gives you the right to talk about whichever books you feel like talking about. And I think, if they are genuine followers who love your blog, like myself, they will stick around. But you have to be happy doing this blogging thing, because if you aren’t, then it will just become a chore. That isn’t okay for you, because you love your blog. So, make you happy and that will keep your readers happy! And I read a mixture of books as well, and follow a wide variety of blogs, not just blogs that cater to one genre. I like to mix it up!

  15. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    I know. I know. I’m late to this party. But I started my blog originally for ME. I did it to remember what books I was reading. Yes, it’s evolved into more and I’m now more about trying to help authors promote their books and spread the word to others about what great books I’ve read! The blogs I follow all mix it up and I really like that about them. I like what Jaime said above about how your true readers will stick around no matter what. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Blog Tour: If Only by A.J. Pine {Review+Giveaway}My Profile

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