Random Rants and Rambling #4- I have some questions…

HeLLo and Welcome back!

Today’s post is going to be slightly different. I have some questions. You don’t have to answer. BUT. I would like you to! To be fair– I will answer them myself.

With all the discussion posts going around, I find it really hard to come up with a topic to talk about because, well. I’m like YOU. I want to be different. I don’t wanna copy anyone (and I don’t, I’m talking unintentionally.) Step on anyone’s toes or cause a ruckus. <~ That may be a lie. Maybe. 😀

There a TONS of topics I can choose to discuss. But my curiosity is eating at me. And I have to get these out there and off my chest.

So, below are some questions that have been plaguing my mind. Depending on the results, I might gather up all the responses and discuss that too. I will leave a form at the end if you would rather respond in that. If you want to respond at all.

*Update. So I removed the form because it was confusing HAHA*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. WHY do you blog?

The obvious answer is, “I LOVE BOOKS AND WANT TO SHARE!” But really, I just love it.. I have always read and like most people, decided to create a blog as an outlet for that. Moreover, it’s something for ME TO DO. This is my hobby. A very time-consuming, expensive hobby but I LOVE it.

2. What do you look for when it comes to following OTHER blogs?

I don’t look for a blog that does random new features. A reviewer that reviews up to 5 books a week. Or one that post awesome discussions. I look for blogs with similar interest. I look for blogs that will, hopefully, engage. THIS is important. I know this may sound some kinda way, but I don’t want to be another random commenter adding to your comments. Just another number to your followers. Engage. Sure, it may be hard when you have hundred + followers and we all get lazy sometimes. But those bloggers that regularly engage with ME or ANYONE are the ones I return to. Also– content is huge. I respect everyone’s opinion but in order for me to return, I have to trust your judgement. If you say “READ THIS NOW” and nothing else, I KNOW I should and usually will. Make sense?

3. How many reviews to you read a week?

I read a lot of reviews. I tend to stay away from sequel reviews or books I am about to read though. And I almost always read my GwB girls reviews. I don’t ALWAYS comment because sometimes, other than “Great Review”, I have nothing to say. Harsh? Maybe.

4. Are numbers a big deal to you? (followers, page views etc…)

Not. At. All. Sure, I get excited when I get new followers and it makes my day when I reach a milestone, but I don’t focus on this too much. I hardly EVER check my stats. And the only time I check out my bloglovin, email or whatever subscribers is when I am nearing a milestone. Granted– You want an OUTREACH. But I would rather have 10 people who regularly engage with me and discuss then 100 people who just delete or skip over my content.

I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS though! *hugs* 😀

5. When and WHY do you comment on blogs?

I don’t think there is a necessary RULE to this– but I am NOT a fan of the tit for tat comments. Read my blog because you WANT to. COMMENT because you have something to say. Don’t run over and comment because I commented on yours. (exception on Memes) I don’t focus on numbers and like what I said up there, I would rather have a few thoughtful comments then tons that say something vague. I will usually check out your blog if you are new to me and come back a few times to see what you post. But I wont necessarily comment because you commented on my blog. (I am sure I am THE ONLY one that feels this way bahaha)

6. Are you a drama queen?

Automatic answer will be no. I know this. BUT NO, I’m not. I am nosy and if there is drama, I am curious about it. I don’t stir the pot or butt in, especially if it has NOTHING to do with me. 99% of the time, I “hear” about something going on through discussion posts or when it is OVER anyway. And I am good at walking away.

7. Do you read books you know you wont like? Why or Why not?

Personally, no I don’t. If it’s a genre I don’t typically read, I will give it a shot. But if it’s a series that I haven’t enjoyed, I wont continue it. An author I don’t care for? Nope. A subject that I know will irritate me? Not that either.

I don’t understand the POINT of this but I see it a lot. Which whatever, you do you. I am actually at a point where I am taking a break from NA. It seems like they are all the same to be and I am just tired. Not fair to those other awesome NA out there that I haven’t read. BUT WHY WASTE MY TIME on something I might not enjoy? Or I KNOW I wont enjoy?

8. Do you post DNF reviews?

I ask this out of curiosity because I know that this has caused a wave in the blog community. I do. I have NO qualms about sharing books I didn’t finish and WHY. I think this is a personal choice and should be respected as much.

9. What’s your take on ARCs?

ARCs are like a giant hot fudge sundaes. You crave it. When you get it, you devour it. But if you get greedy and eat one every day, it goes to your hips.

True Story.

I think ARCs are awesome. I just recently started receiving physical copies and I was pretty ecstatic. HOWEVER, can we say pressure? Maybe this is ME but I don’t like to be TOLD or PRESSURED to read a book. The point would be to read and review it BEFORE the release date, yes? So when I have a full schedule already and get a book.. I think, now what? I can’t imagine how those bloggers feel that get mail every week. Also, I like to read free indie books. (my feature, duh LOL) I don’t necessarily want to read what’s POPULAR ALL THE TIME. Some blogs I have seen only review ARCs, nothing wrong with this– to each his own, but that isn’t something I want to do or happen to my blog.

Nonetheless, they are awesome.

10. How do you feel about giveaways?

I got this email once from a follower that accused me of buying my readers. She stated that she was tired off “all the blogs, YOU in particular trying to buy your numbers” Thus, she was going to quit following me. OKAAAAY. Needless to say, it pissed me off and I ranted to my blogger bestie about it for a while.

I admit, I participated in quite a few giveaway hops earlier this year, because they sounded like fun and I love sharing. (SHARING IS CARING) It has NOTHING to do with numbers. Currently, I have about 7 giveaways running right now and one– ONE– is actually “sponsored” by me. Also, if I feel that a book is SO GOOD and FANTASTIC that I have to giveaway said copy, I will. If I want to host a “follower appreciation giveaway” as a thank you, I will. I can afford it, so what’s the deal?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, that’s all I think of right now. Again, if you want to answer any questions, feel free! If not, well, at least you know more about me 😉


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10 thoughts on “Random Rants and Rambling #4- I have some questions…

  1. Jenna

    I always have such a hard time coming up with discussion topics, which is why I don’t do them very often. I liked this one!

    I’m always nosy about the drama too. The other day I saw some on Twitter and I had to go track it down.
    Jenna recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #6My Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      I come up with a lot of topics but either they recently been discussed or I have issue putting everything in words. If that makes sense.

      And thank you! 😀 Yes, I see drama all the time on twitter. It’s insane

  2. Wendy

    Cool post!! Okay, so.. I obviously I started blogging because I wanted to talk to people about books and all my feelings. (haha that sounds weird but you know what I mean) I tend to comment on blogs in chunks when I have time. I usually comment when I have something I really want to say because if I don’t have much to say then… why say it, you know? As far as following other blogs, I love the ones where I can see the personality of the blogger through their posts. I like getting to know the person behind the blog because I can relate better! And then I know how to take recs for books like oh so and so loved this one and we have similar interests, so I would like it too!

    1. tonyaleeh

      I agree with you. I like to SEE the person behind the monitor, not just words on the screen. Engagement is huge. 🙂 Thanks for your input Wendy!

  3. Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews

    Totally agree with #2. I look for blogs taht review the genres I usually enjoy, and where the blog author is able to articulate WHY they liked it. Summarizing the plot is not enough; what made that book get the rating it did? I’m also very fond of blog authors who don’t 5 star everything they like, because I’m extremely picky. To me, a tough reviewer gets way more credit and if they say YOU MUST READ THIS NOW, I trust it.

    All my feeds are in Feedly, and it’s honestly insane how many reviews I read per week. I skim most of them, and outright skip nearly all of the book haul/stacking the shelves posts. I like Top 10 Tuesdays because they’re fun.

    I comment on posts that interested me, or if a reviewer made me want to read something I hadn’t heard of before. Like you, “great review” doesn’t really strike me as an engaging conversation, although it’s a nice thought to share.
    Terri @ Starlight Book Reviews recently posted…Review: “The Distance Between Us” by Kasie WestMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      See, I will read blogs that post reviews in genres that I don’t read often, usually in hopes to find something out of my box to read.

      I follow quite a few blogs on bloglovin, where I have about 400 posts A DAY and I don’t comment on ALL of them. I will find something that interests me or whatever. BUT like I said, I always comment on the blogs I follow regularly. I skim a lot too, especially if they are sequels or books I am going to read soon.

  4. Trish @ Between the Lines

    I blog because I love books and no one in my real life wants to listen to all my opinions and theories on them!
    I follow lots of blogs, some for discussion posts, some because I love their reviews, others because they are funny, some because we share book taste, others because they are quirky.
    I read a ton of reviews. I love all the different styles of reviewing. My favourite review to read though is when I already have read the book.
    I don’t want to care about numbers but honestly I do. I watch my stats like a hawk but wish I didn’t.
    I comment a lot (you might have noticed!). I just like to engage and build rapport. I usually do visit back but if I have nothing to say I read read and run.
    DNF, yes I review. To be a dnf speaks volumes and my blog my rules.
    I heart giveaways, the more the merrier 🙂
    Trish @ Between the Lines recently posted…Green Giants – Irish Author Spotlight No 5 – Niamh GreeneMy Profile

    1. tonyaleeh

      I follow a lot of blogs for different reasons too. There are a few I only follow for their memes. Makes me feel like a terrible person >.< I agree, those are my favorite reviews to read. I use to care about my numbers and at some point, I just stopped caring. It's nice too see all the followers and page views and it is OBVIOUSLY a huge thing when it comes to ARCs and tours.. But like I said, I would rather have 10 followers that actually READ what I post then 100 that just delete. HAHA yes, I noticed. I use to reply to ALL comments but now I only do it for these post and some reviews. 😀

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