Random Rants and Rambling #13 ~ Identity

Random rants

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Welcome back to yet another Random Rants and Rambling!

Today, I wanted to talk IDENTITY. In two different aspects.

1.) Do you use a different name/identity online?

(I read a post somewhere about using an alias and I cannot find it to save my life. So please, if you know who wrote it let me know so I can put the link here. Thanks much)


2.) How much of your personal life do you share online/your blog?



If you have read any of my post, especially my wrap ups, you have seen my 10 things. I even wrote a post about how I balance life and all that a few weeks ago. If you think about it, MOST of my Random Rants post are on the more personal side. So, for me, I am an OPEN BOOK. I have my actual picture on my profile(s). I talk about work, the kids, my husband, family and all that online and sometimes, on my blog too. The only small change is my name, but 99% of you have figured that one out!

With my close “online” friends, I share a lot. There are 2 people I talk to the most, on a regular basis, that I feel comfortable talking about the sticky stuff with; not to mention the more CONTROVERSIAL things. I can confide in them about pretty much everything.

Also, I have met bloggers and in turn, they met my family. We are a package deal.

Now the question is, WHY? I don’t have a good answer, except to say that I love talking about my life. My kids, husband and work are, obviously, a huge part of my life. My views, opinions, likes and dislikes are partially because of things that have happened in REAL LIFE (duh). So, how can I explain something without the reason?

That’s probably a lame explanation, but, it is what it is.

The thought to keep my life off my blog never crossed my mind. Do I share EVERYTHING? Well, no. But I share a lot. I am sure as hell going to talk about all the loves in my life.

That’s brings us to discuss –

Do you use a different name online?

What kinds of things do you share online? (Social Media and blog)?

Do you read others personal posts? Why or Why Not?

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16 thoughts on “Random Rants and Rambling #13 ~ Identity

    1. tonyalee

      I don’t use my personal Facebook, either. But like I said, my twitter is both my blog and personal account.

  1. Candace

    I’m like you, an open book. I don’t say my kids names, or my husbands, but I talk about them. Obviously people know my first name since it’s my blog name. I am real life friends with lots of bloggers and authors and most of them have met my kids. Heck, they have entertained them for me at book signings! While I try to be somewhat careful about our privacy, I’m not shy about sharing things. And I like getting to know other bloggers where we can share personal things. Some of my best friends are bloggers that I’ve never even met! Actually, before I was a blogger I was on shelfari where I met and got to know a lot of people. When I had my son over 5 years ago they all sent me presents and the majority of my baby presents came from people I’d never met in my life! They are still some of my closest friends and we range from mid 20’s to mid 70’s. We are a really diverse group, but we’ve all gotten super close going through so many different things together. In real life I meet up with my blogger and author friends usually once a month or so. Anyway, I like knowing some personal things about people!
    Also, I wasn’t sure if your name was ‘out’ so when you have commented on my posts on facebook I’ve just replied to you as Lilybloombooks. It felt kind of weird, but didn’t want to give out your name if it was a secret. πŸ™‚ I see now that your name is on your blog though.
    Candace recently posted…Saturday Situation- Link Up Your Reviews & Giveaways!My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I have said my boys and husband name a few times.

      That’s pretty awesome what your friends did! That is awesome you have so many people close to you. πŸ™‚ There are a lot of bloggers around me in the ATL area, but I have only met 1 or 2. Everyone else is scattered all over the country. I bet it’s nice to be able to get with people often.

      LOL Weird, how? The name I use for blogging stuff is SLIGHT variation to my real name, that’s what I meant. Most people know my name though hahaha

  2. Trish @ Between the Lines

    I use my real name mostly because I started blogging a whim and didn’t really put any thought on to it. It doesn’t bother me though, I’ve nothing to hide! I do share some personal stuff. I think even writing a review, it can often get personal, as the stuff that hits you hard is the stuff you have personal experience with. Well for me anyway. There is a photo but it’s two years old and looks nothing like me as I have put a lot of weight on since! I’m trying to get back there though so don’t bother to change it :O
    Trish @ Between the Lines recently posted…Back to the Favourites Re-Read-A-Thon – Why re-read – #BackToTheFavsMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I didn’t put much thought into it either. But there are more personal things posted on my personal Facebook anyway, so really, what’s the difference, ya know?

      My photo is old too. I think about two years? Maybe 2 1/2. The one I used before that, when I as wearing that crown, is the most recent picture of me.

    1. tonyalee

      I don’t use my personal facebook either. The more personal things are on these type of post and my wrap ups. πŸ™‚

  3. Braine Talk Supe

    I have a user name, very rarely share my personal life and I don’t have my photos up. For me it’s like a pseudoynm, like an assumed personality under the name “Braine” where she can write decent reviews… that or I’m borderline psycho. LOL

    Anyway, for me it’s all about privacy. Social media is a great tool but at the same time it can be invasive too. It’s hard to draw the line sometimes so I decided for my own peace of mind, I’ll stick to Braine.
    Braine Talk Supe recently posted…Steampunk Sundays: Verity Hart vs The Vampyres 1 by Jennifer Harlow + The Kraken King 1 by Meljean BrookMy Profile

  4. sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books

    I have my personal twitter too but there is a lot of crossover going on which I’m okay with. IDk it’s hard for me not to share private stuff too b/c it’s my blog and a place for me to share. I do prefer to keep my blog as private as I can though, if that makes sense. lol Not sure how I’d feel if all of my RL people knew about it.
    sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books recently posted…‘Post’ on Sundays (61)My Profile

  5. Rebekah @ Reflections of a Bookworm

    Back when I first started blogging, I did it under an alias (Reflective Bookworm) which is why my reviews are still ‘RB Reviews’ but now it’s much more personal getting to know awesome bloggers (like you!) without that extra arm’s length. Fab post!
    Rebekah @ Reflections of a Bookworm recently posted…Back in the gameMy Profile

  6. CeCe

    Great post and something I have wondered a lot about. I tend to be an open book too. I talk about the real me and my real life a fair amount. I think it is a good way for a reader to get to know the whole package because a lot of what we read and how we feel is directly linked to how we are outside blogging. My real name is Christiane – where I go by CeCe online – but that is not to hide my identity, rather it is just a lot shorter and easier to spell/pronounce. My picture is me too… I’m not secretly some 40 year old overweight balding man.
    CeCe recently posted…Book Review – Maybe Someday by Colleen HooverMy Profile

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