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Most are pretty familiar with Society6 – if not, then I recommend taking a peak. There are thousands of artists creating fun, unique and my favorite, bookish things that you can get on blankets, pillows, mugs, wall clocks, phone cases and so much more. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fun to look! I have been debating for weeks on whether or not I wanted to get a phone case – I’ve needed a new one, no doubt about it, but was hesitant on actually getting one from Society6. My husband was too, but when they went on sale, I decided to take the plunge.

The Product & Fit

There are 3 case options available for purchase: Slim Case, Tough Case, and Power Case. I went with the tough case, based on price and protection I want need. The tough case has two pieces; it has an added silicone bumper for “premium” protection and the slick, plastic case that claims it’s impact resistant.

I have to say, while I like the look it has altogether, the fit isn’t perfect. I know it should be snug, and it does, but it was some work to get everything together, and the video makes it look so damn easy! AND, it doesn’t fit WELL. There is a small gap between the black bumper and the outer case and while it’s not easily noticeable, it drives me crazy.

phone case 4

That being said, all plugs are open and semi-accessible. Since the bumper is thick, the 3.5 mm audio jack we have doesn’t fit right in the audio output. You can’t even touch the cord without it coming loose or causing that annoying static when something isn’t plugged in all the way (no tech talk lol). This could be the design of the jack, though. If I didn’t have nails, it would be difficult to put my phone on silent too. Button wise, I feel like I have to press just a little harder to lock my phone or change the volume, but I have already adjusted to that.


I favor many artists, ranging from random pictures to fantasy art, but I wanted something book related, that was ME, beautiful and fun. I had narrowed it down to 3 cases but then found the one I got. It was from an artist I wasn’t previously following, but when I saw it I knew it was the one! Thanks to one of my besties, this quote is something special to me.

I love the color scheme and the flowers surrounding the quote but in the picture, the writing looks like a shiny metallic gold but, in reality, it’s not. It’s more of a washed down gold.

That small issue aside, I really like it. I do love the “sleek” look and it’s not heavy at all. I have received many compliments on it and quite a few have asked where I got it. So that’s awesome!

See it at the store here.


I’ve already dropped my phone at least 3 times since getting the new case, and lo and behold, NO CRACKS! There are some dings on the outer case a scuff mark, but nothing was mentioned about “scratch proof” or “accident prone people proof” so that’s to be expected. Still, I was hoping for something that wouldn’t show all the scuff’s on a small drop, ya know?

Other Details

The question is – WHY NOT RETURN IT? I like Society6; their customer service is on point but I don’t like their policies. Maybe it’s different case by case (haha no pun intended) but the last time I attempted to return/exchange an item, they wanted me to:

  • request a refund. Then;
  • repurchase the item, at full price
  • next, send my recipe for credit adjustments if I had used a coupon on my original order and/or had received free shipping.

That means it would take 7-10 for a full refund, and then another 7-10 days for credit adjustments. For me, that’s too long to process an exchange and I would rather not deal with it.


I like it – and it works for now. I mean, I loved it when I first got it; I was super excited for a new case. But those imperfections kinda bother me, especially for what I paid for the case. Would I buy another one? Honestly, I doubt it. I FOR SURE would NOT buy it full price at $38.00 and I since I have the silicone bumper, buying just the slim case to change them out could be something I do. But only if they’re on sale and I found a design I just HAD TO HAVE.

Recommend? EH. I’m not gonna say, YES GO FOR IT! Simply because I’m not entirely happy with it. But again, it works for now. If you’re looking for something sleek, pretty and does offer some protection? Sure. But if you are looking for 100% satisfaction in all aspects, I say skip it and keep looking. 

Share your thoughts

  • Have you purchased anything from Society6? If so, what do you recommend? (I’m partial to the mugs myself!)
  • Have you purchased a phone case from them? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Would you buy another one?
  • Do you have a favorite artist?


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14 thoughts on “Product Review | Tough Case for IPhone from Society6

  1. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide

    Thank you so much for this review!! I’ve been debating buying a phone case from Society6 but I have SUCH a hard time with phone cases unless I can see them. I actually returned two to Amazon because they weren’t quite as pictured/didn’t fit well and I didn’t want to risk that with Society6 since I didn’t think it would be easy/cost-effective to return. I’ll probably debate about it some more but for now I’m putting it off. This was so helpful!

    1. tonyalee

      You’re welcome! I was really bummed about it simply because I love Society6! My husband is REALLY picky about cases and just about argued himself blue about me buying one LOL I hate to say he was right, but it’s better (IMO) to stick to a company that ONLY MAKES CASES.

      I saw a few for redbubble that are good but I’m not willing to buy another one to try it LOL

  2. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    I’ve not bought any of the cases from Society6 because I am SUPER picky when it comes to my phone case. I just don’t think these would do it for me, as much as I love how they look. I have purchased a throw and several coffee mugs from Society6 though and I love them. The mugs are fantastic and the throw is so soft, I can’t even describe it. Super cozy.
    Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads recently posted…In Review: Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey #5) by Sawyer BennettMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Yeah, they are pretty to look at for sure but to me? Not worth it for the money. I love the mugs too!! I have been thinking about getting some prints too, but since this I have to work my husband over. 😛
      tonyalee recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up (102) –My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      It’s a small thing to be irritated about but it bothers me! I don’t need the evidence of my clumsiness lol

  3. Karen Blue

    I bought a throw blanket (large), a rectangular pillow, and an art print from Society6. The best item was the blanket, such good quality. I use it everyday. My kids love it too since they love to snuggle. The blanket is really warm and so soft. I would buy from there again. I want to get a really unique shower curtains, and support an artist.
    Karen Blue recently posted…Review: THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF IVAN ISAENKO by Scott StambachMy Profile

  4. Danny@Gadgetonic

    I have never bought a phone case from society6 and never bought any item from them. With your post, I don’t think I will try buying from them anything real soon. Maybe I will do more research before I can actually push myself to buy from them. The phone case looks nice and the designs are cool based on the picture you showed but I don’t like the part that it did not fit well with your phone, maybe that’s the cons on buying online. Would it be better to buy from a more reliable phone case store?

  5. Valerie Tan

    Hi! Would u recommend the slim fit case or the tough case since u already own the tough one? Do u know if the slim case provides relatively good protection as well?:)

  6. Elizabeth

    I’ve gotten art prints and blankets from Society6 which have turned out great. But I recently bought a phone case and on the first day, the paint started to chip. I was pretty careful with it, but it just didn’t seem high quality if the paint chipped the first day after light use. I did get a free replacement case, so we’ll see if the quality improved. But unfortunately, I would not recommend buying a case from society6.

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