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After getting hooked on Audiobooks – it wasn’t too long that I was browsing Podcasts and googling what to listen to. It seems as if Podcasts have gained popularity over the past couple years, and there isn’t a shortage of them to choose from. I’m always looking for recs for new ones, so I thought, why not share my favorites, too?

Warning: my tastes are kind of… eccentric.

  • Serial Killers | I’ve always had a weird obsession with Serial Killers. Mainly, I love the psychology behind it. This Podcast talks about different Serial Killers all over the world; generally in a two-part episode per Killer. I love this one in particular, because they really get into their back story and discuss would could have been their “transition” moment.
  • Unsolved Murders | Brought to you by the same Network that does Serial Killers, Unsolved Murders goes into well, Unsolved Murders. There are SO many that I have never heard about and it makes me sad that a) these crimes continue to happen and b) there are SO many unsolved.
  • Up and Vanished |  This was actually the first Podcast I started listening to last year and binge it until I caught up. Season One is about Tara Grinstead, a young beautiful teacher that disappeared here in Georgia. The case actually broke WIDE OPEN during the production of the podcast and it was fascinating to me how a young man was able to do that. Season Two is pretty good so far, too!
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  • Cults | The hosts of this show are the same as Serial Killers and I like the rapport between these two. As with the other Parcast Podcasts, this show delves into the history behind the most notorious cults. As with Serial Killers, I’ve always had a fascination with cults (to observe from afar, thank you).
  • Dirty John | This story is FASCINATING. I remember hearing about it on the news and was blown away by the sheer complex web of lies, deceit and manipulation of this man is astounding. The heroism of the family too, is amazing.
  • Dr. Death | I JUST finished this Podcast the other day and I am obsessed with this story. Imagine a neurosurgeon going around and BOTCHING surgeries; injuring many and even causing death in a few patients? You think he would have been stopped right away, right? Wrong. It’s crazy how long this went on before he was finally stopped. I’m gonna need Texas to get it together.

Are we noticing a trend? True Crime and Investigative Journalism is MY THING.

Maybe you are wondering, “is there ANYTHING semi normal about this girl’s taste, or what?!” And well. Maybe. Here are a few honorable mentions:

  • America Scandal | Okay, this is another Investigative Podcast (I KNOW, sorry not sorry), but it’s FASCINATING STUFF. The first 6 episodes are about the steroid scandal that rocked the fitness industry. BALCO. Sound familiar?
  • All the Books! | I too, am surprised this is the only Bookish podcast I listen to and honestly, it isn’t that great. BUT. I have gotten some awesome recs from it so check it out! Just be far warned that the sound quality is… awful.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience | I love Joe Rogan. He is such a smart, hilarious guy and his podcast is like being the fly on the wall, listening to friends’ conversations about the most off the wall shit. They tend to be a little on the long side, but I don’t mind it. Usually.
  • I, Survivor | Another Wondery Podcast! (They have a lot I follow, actually). This podcast tells a different story every episode of (mostly) women surviving “the worst” and their journey afterward. The hosts share their stories as well and how they still struggle and deal with different situations after surviving what they have.
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See, not ALL weird….


Let’s Chat!

  • Do you listen to Podcasts? What are some of your favorites?
  • Recommend a Podcast (or two!)
  • Is your taste as… eccentric as mine?

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3 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m Obsessing Over

  1. KV

    I listen to My favorite murder & And that’s why we drink. I also listen to Tales, which tells about fairy tales. I listened to Dirty John & found out it is going to be a TV series on Bravo starring Connie Britton.

    1. tonyalee

      I saw it was going to be a series! I’m excited for it. I listened to a few of my favorite murder and couldn’t get into it. I’ll try some newer episodes, though!

  2. KV

    They sometimes go off topic, but I’ve learned a lot. During Dirty John, I couldn’t believe the woman trusted him so much over her daughters. I’ve heard about Dr. Death. I like listening to comedy including How did this get made? about movies.

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