Common Misconceptions When it Comes to ESAs

This is a Sponsored Post AD | ESAs were introduced to provide support to people suffering from a mental disability. However, with so many people now abusing the system, and with others confusing ESAs with service animals, there are so many misconceptions out there on the topic of ESAs. It always pays to arm yourself […]

5 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has always been about honoring our mother’s, grandmother’s, and other role models. We celebrate in different ways, some families with traditions, and others with gifts. But don’t forget about yourself! You’re a special person – a mother. A sister. A mentor. A Role Model. Not only should the women in your life be […]

Happy May! // Bi-Weekly Round-Up

The Bi Weekly Round Up is linked to The Caffeinated Reviewer Sunday Post Hello! Happy May! Blog I’ve hit my highest views per month! Still not the best, but we celebrate the small successes, right? Most of my Posts for May are written already – so more blog hoppin for me! I rescheduled my photo […]

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