Monthly Wrap Up // February 2019

Hello! That image actually looked better in my head. Oh well.  I can’t believe we’re in March already! Time sure does fly when having fun, right? Anyway. If you follow along each week, you know pretty much what’s happening around here. But here are some highlights AND new news. Operation Blog Transition is in effect! […]

Why My Feelings For Romance Has Changed

Old Me, Reading a Romance via GIPHY Admittedly… I’ve never really been a fan of “light” romance. I like darker stories; with a little more… on the line? I like complex characters, unlikable characters, dirty talkers, and men rough around the edges. And that hasn’t changed; I just have a new appreciation for the light stories, […]

Review // Stray Magic by Kelly Meding

Review // Stray Magic by Kelly Meding

My Thoughts: Oh Urban Fantasy, how I love you. Stay Magic was new to me when I was asked to review book 2, Stray Moon. I’ve been in a need for a new Urban Fantasy since the ending of my favorite, and I’m so glad this was brought to my attention; I am hooked! I […]

Two Weeks of Awesome Content // Weekly Wrap Up

Hello! It’s been two weeks since I posted – quite a few updates below! Blog There’s been some awesome blog posts recently!!  I did get myself in some very warm water (I won’t say HOT because it wasn’t that bad) with my #Booksfortrade post. Whoops! >.< Operation transition from a book blog has a new […]

Revisiting FTC Disclosures

Discuss. Debate. Inspire. I will reiterate: I am not a lawyer and the content below is not legal advice. This is a recap and interpretation of the information provided by the FTC and can be found HERE The FTC-Queen is back! This isn’t my first (or last) post about guidelines, but I wanted to revisit […]