Father’s Day Gift Guide

Are you looking for something different as a gift for this Father’s Day? While ties are cool and all, there is a wide range of AWESOME things you can get your special someone something that is unique. I got you covered! From the sports fan to the cook, there is something below for every Dad […]

Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch

I don’t have a LARGE list of Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch. Simply because, how could I possibly consider myself an influencer and book worm, if I didn’t share my books with others? But, I do have a special select few I consider MY PRECIOUS! And no, they aren’t super rare classics, […]

New Issue // Bi-Weekly Round-Up

The Bi Weekly Round Up is linked to The Caffeinated Reviewer Sunday Post Hello! Blog Ugh, it’s been slow moving on the blog lately. I’m used to the back and forth, meaning slowness then work work work, but this is a different rut. I can’t seem to get my reading mojo back. Share with me […]