Standalone Books That Need a Sequel

Standalone Books That Need a Sequel This one was SO hard for me! But, here a few that I would like to see more from: Girl in Pieces & Salt to the Sea are two of my all time favorites. Fun fact: I was listening to the audio-book of Until Harry when I got in […]

My Favorite Go To Snacks

One of my main struggles when starting on my weight loss/fitness journey was SNACKS. I am a snacker through and through. More on the sweet tooth side of things for sure.  I knew I was going to need to make changes when it came to when I ate, what I ate, and HOW MUCH I […]

Spring, Please Come Already // Weekly Wrap Up

Hello! Blog Milestone hit! 10,000 comments. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I’m looking for small business to have on the blog. If you run one or know someone that would be interested, let me know. Life It’s been SO cold this past week, I’m over it and ready for Spring. I mentioned it on […]

Product Review // My Thirdlove Bra

Item/s reviewed below were purchased by me. This post is not endorsed or sponsored by the company, THIRDLOVE. Opinions are my own. Majority will agree – bra shopping is the actual worst. Yet, having a bra that fits well, and looks good, can seriously change your life. I’ve been busty my whole life, and finding/having […]