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A Look At My Fitness Journey is my personal story of how it all got started, and how I stay motivated. This Fitness feature is a collection of advice, recipes, motivation and of course, my progress.


The top question I get asked in some why shape or form is, “what made you decide to (lose weight, work out, etc.)?” My answer is always the same.

I had my Moment.

I’ve said it for years: I don’t like the way I look. I’ve always struggled with my weight (which, looking back to 5 years ago makes me want to shake 5 year ago me relentlessly). People would always call me skinny. Tiny. Say I didn’t NEED to lose weight. I disagreed. I would set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight (or in the Summer, work for that bikini bod), work out, get in shape, blah blah blah and like a lot of people, I wasn’t able to stick with it, for one reason or another. Or a few times, I made progress and then… stopped. I would be down, discouraged, and say FUCK IT and just go back to the way it had been. I’d pull whatever excuse I could muster and roll with it.

I think a lot of people follow in this never. ending. cycle.

For me, having that moment changed everything. It changed my perspective and whole thought process when it came to getting in shape, eating right, and just over all having a happier, healthier lifestyle. To being happier in general. It changed how I face challenges, insecurities, and my non supporters.

Are you thinking, “what do you MEAN by your moment, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

YOUR MOMENT is when it just hits you

THIS IS WHAT I WANT. THIS IS WHAT I NEED. And THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO. Because in order to get to where you want to be, you HAVE to want it. Friends, family, TV, fitness instructors, mentors, your neighbor; none of them will motivate you enough to do it, if YOU don’t want it. YOU.HAVE.TO.WANT.IT. And you have to want it bad. You have to be in a mind-set that NOTHING will get in your way. Nothing can, or will, stop you. Those excuses from before? They will now be your motivators. That kind of motivation comes deep within you. But only you can find it. Only you can see it. Only you can feel it. And honestly, once it hits you? You will know.


I saw a picture of myself and I couldn’t believe it was me.

That, was my moment. I stared at it for I don’t know how long, then I thought, “what, the actual fuck. That cannot be me.” Well guess what honey? IT WAS. The numbers on the scale I saw that morning were still blaring in my mind, candy wrappers were still sitting next to me and it just HIT ME. I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt.. disgusted. Not because of what I was seeing, but because I let those excuses and challenges STOP ME so many times, for SO many years.


Pushing yourself without that deep motivation, relying on someone else to keep you going, and doing things without educating yourself first wont lead to success. Crash diets, not eating and poor workouts. It just wont work for the long haul. These are a few reasons I failed.

Some days are so hard I can’t even explain it. Some days, it’s a breeze. The difference between then and now is that once I had that moment, once I found that motivation, it really was/is easier to keep going. But YOU have to find what keeps you going. YOU have to have that moment. Until then, it’s just practice.

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Let’s Talk

  • Do you struggle with losing weight, getting in shape, and/or eating healthy? What makes it difficult for you?
  • For my friends that had their moment, WHAT WAS YOURS!?

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2 thoughts on “A Look At My Fitness Journey | My Moment

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    I am at a point where I’m really frustrated. I’ve been on the Keto diet for months, losing only about 1lb to 1.5lbs a week. So it hasn’t been a failure, just not like what I was expecting. I’m learning that I shouldn’t compare myself to others. I told myself that when I hit the hundys I would start adding in walking. Did I do it? No. You know why? Because I found every fucking excuse in the book not too. Especially the one that it was too hot to take my dog with me. What kind of excuse is that? I could go without the dog. But didn’t. I also blame the late nights getting home. Having to cook so much on a healthy diet and getting home late makes for little time to do other things. I have to get my act together and focus. I also have a rebellious streak so when gym junkie hubby says “this will work so much better for you if you exercise a little” just makes me want to plant my ass and not get up. I guess I haven’t had my moment despite how depressed I feel about my weight and the way I look. My food tracking has gotten lazy the last couple of weeks and while I’m watching my carbs, my calorie intake is touch and go. I really need to get moving.
    Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict recently posted…Review ~ Dragonfire by Donna Grant @Donna_Grant @SMPRomance @InkslingerPRMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Isn’t it funny that we can pull excuses out of our ass and run with it, but can’t muster up the same thing to DO IT lol. I haven’t tried Keto, but I did go low carb and saw instant results, not long term. Personally, I don’t think that’s a lifestyle for long term anyway, but that’s another topic all together.

      As for cooking, have you tried meal prepping? You do all the cooking in one day basically, and it takes the stress off of making a dinner late at night. you just heat up what you made before! I haven’t done much lately, but I make enough meals for 4 days. Snacks, too. It’s tiring, and not gonna lie I considered that my workout for the day. But once you get started, it gets easier. And you have more time during the week night evenings. Finding the balance between what’s more important, a whole saturday/sunday to do whatever you want, or having more time in the week? It’s a hard balance to find.

      My ex would say, just walk a little. Or something like, “at least do (this).” And honestly, that doesn’t help. I think at this point, we all know a 10 minute walk is better than absolutely nothing, but I don’t need you in my face about, ya know?

      Leaning not to compare yourself to others is SO HARD. I still struggle with this about pretty much everything. As for your moment, It’s okay you haven’t! I didn’t have mine for a long time. But you are slowly learning what works, and what doesn’t for you, and that’s huge. When you do have it, you’re halfway there!

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