A Look Back on 2016 + New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Hey Hey! Happy New Year!

Even after my last post about being on hiatus, I have yet to write another post, and, since I didn’t do a full wrap up post for 2016 – or challenges or… let’s be real, anything — (who knew getting back into the swing of things would be SO.FREAKIN.HARD) I wanted to take a look back on the year, both blogging and personal. In a nutshell- 2016 sucked, but we can talk about it anyway. Also, let us discuss what 2017 has to offer, shall we?

All Things Personal

I made a lot of life changes in 2016 and looking back at the post I wrote, it seems as if I had an idea of what other changes I wanted to make, didn’t realize it, and then finally did. My ultimate goal for 2016 was to BE ME. I think this is something most strive for – but until you really try to be you and push aside the fear, judgment, and insecurities, and you are willing to accept that you may lose people, it’s Very Hard. Trust me. I’m not there yet, but I’ve come a long way. I have bad days, but I’m on the right path now and that, is all that matters.

Other major changes made in 2016? I quit smoking. *Throws Confetti* Quite frankly, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It’s hard sure, just as one would expect, but it’s been going well. I’ve had great support too and that helps. In conjunction with that, I’ve gained 30 pounds. Yes, 30. I’ve been told that I wear it well, but this is the heaviest I have been so it’s discouraging. Is losing weight a goal for 2017? Not… exactly. Acceptance is, though, LOL

Most know about my accident, that was a major thing last year. I found out that the person I hit didn’t have insurance, so all my medical bills and such will be taken care of through my insurance. I’m doing better – still having some issues but nothing that I can’t work through.

There are a few other things happening on the personal front – that I am not ready to openly talk about yet. But, it has to do with looking ahead to 2017 and I have a lot to look forward to!

On the Blog

Well, 2016 was a decent year. I shut down my Adult blog at the beginning of the year and brought everything back to this domain. That was a hard decision to make but it was well worth it in the end. Instagram got pretty big – and I had so much fun with that. I haven’t really done any new posts but I will get back into that as well.

As for sticking to my goals? I mean, yeah? I didn’t change my name or redesign, I actually forgot how tedious that can be, but I DID inspire others and I also made some money! So I think I did pretty well for myself. Now, If I didn’t take that long ass hiatus at the end of the year, things might have gone differently, but Alas.

Middle Grade Madness was also a success. Again, poor follow through on my part at the end which sucks, but I’m happy it got the buzz that it did! I will be creating link ups next week if you are interested!

As far as reading challenges go, I don’t think I finished a single one! Not even my Goodreads. Again, going back to that last part of the year and doing Zero with reading/blogging probably doesn’t help that. Besides Middle Grade Madness, I don’t plan to do any other challenges this year. I never finish them anyway!

Looking Ahead

Lilybloombooks will be 4 this year (In like, 9 days)! Can you believe it!? Sometimes, it feels that long since I started and other days, it feels like yesterday. Not sure what I will do to celebrate, if anything, and the rate I’m going, it’ll be May before I get a post up about it.

I’ve said this 1001 times, but I might open the blog to more bloggers. I think it would help mix things up and what not. I don’t feel as… controlling about it anymore. Who knows. I might change my mind again, I seem to do that a lot.

I’m going to ALAMW! Which is in what? 2 weeks or so? With everything going on lately, I haven’t thought much about it until the other day and I’m SO excited to see my peeps! If you’re going, let me know!

I don’t think I’m setting any type of year-long goal, or resolution, for myself. What will work best for me right now is to take one day at a time – just… live life. And be Happy.

End Thoughts

I think I speak for most when I say that I’m happy to see 2016 go – and I’m welcoming the New Year with open arms. I wish there was something else smart or witty or awe-inspiring to end with. Sadly, I got nothin.

Tell me your thoughts

  • Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? 
  • What is ONE thing you want to see yourself achieve in 2017, and how will you do it?


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6 thoughts on “A Look Back on 2016 + New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Kathleen Burkinshaw

    Tonya Lee, so good to see you writing again. Congratulations on quitting smoking! I look forward to your future MG Madness posts. I wish I was going to ALAMW, but hopefully we will meet at a future event Thanks for all you do for us Middle Grade authors and our books! Especially, for the #BTSBookshelfTour😊

  2. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    Congrats on quitting smoking! That is a HUGE deal and I’m so proud of you! I smoked a long time ago and I know just how hard that fight can be.

    I’m not sure if I’ve told you yet but I THINK I’m going to ALA MW. lol

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