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Helllllo fellow Bloggers (and readers)

I am back with another Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger. This time, I am wanting to talk about Memes. Why we participate, what’s the point and other random chatter.

When I first started blogging, I was obsessed with memes. At the time, it was my only “interaction” with other bloggers and I met some of my closest friends this way. I can’t even tell you how many books I discovered, too! Now though? I am losing interest FAST.

From my perspective, Memes were one of the top 5 things that have “taken over” the blogosphere. There is a meme for every day of the week, some are pretty popular and others, are not. Tuesday and Saturday my Bloglovin feed is FLOODED with two in particular, but I have found that – with everything – once I start getting bored with reading certain things on blogs, I don’t like to do them.

I’ve seen Memes labelled as “filler posts” to which, I agree (to a point). I don’t like double posting, so when/if I participating in a meme, that is ALL that goes up that day (usually). So I have to move things around because I am a schedule FREAK. OR I have NOTHING to post that week so I fill up my week with those. OR it will be Monday night and I am all, “SHIT. I forgot to do TTT” this happened a lot at first.

It’s exhausting.

Many bloggers that don’t participate in those particular memes that I do, don’t read and/or comment on them. I am guilty of this too. So, if you know that others aren’t reading that post other than to link up, why bother? And what about those that only EVER comment when your post that meme? I will discuss this more on a later date but, there are those that meme hop for comments.

Moving on.

There are times where I have sat here, at my computer, thinking way too damn long and hard for a book to display on Waiting on Wednesday. I am not a giddy, OH.EM.GEE person as it is and I don’t get EXCITED often. There are also times when I have been so freaking busy at work and home, I have no idea what titles have been released, or any news about UPCOMING titles. Then I think, “Okay, so I won’t post every week.” I know I don’t HAVE to be consistent with my blog, but sometimes I feel like a failure if I start something and don’t stick with it. Which is pretty often, lol.

Another aspect to think of – my Weekly Wrap Up posts. I feel like, even though my wrap up is unique to my blog, I have to link up somewhere and/or credit a blog that made it a THING. This goes hand in hand with any lists that I want to make. If I wanted to do a top 5 for THIS, I feel as though I can’t – because it’s “too similar” to the TTT. We talk about credit and originality and how it’s HARD with such a large community. This doesn’t mean that I am “stealing” someones idea, ya know?

On the plus side – this is great way for beginning bloggers to establish their brand and get themselves out there OR for us to learn more about the blogger behind the screen. Which is why I DO like them. In moderation.

I plan to do TTT here and there and of course, my Weekly Wrap Up, which is linked to the Sunday Post but that’s pretty much IT.


Let’s Talk

  • Do you participate in any weekly memes? If so, which ones?
  • Have you stopped doing any weekly memes for ANY reason?
  • Do you ever feel you NEED to continue to participate? 
  • Do you comment on a lot of Meme posts?

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28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger | Memes

  1. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    I am a fan of this discussion T. I totally get where you’re coming from and agree with quite a bit. I have to say that for me personally I do memes for selfish reasons. I see them as an outlet to do something a bit different on the blog and ‘spice’ it up. However, I also do them because I really like doing them. As in, I don’t really mind if anyone reads them because I had so much fun putting it together. Haha. I only do two big memes now, but I remember when I first started I also did ALOT of them. And you’re right, it was a good way to get attention. Now so, I really just do them when I feel like it and only because I want to, not because I feel like I should. Does that make sense? Haha.

    If my doing a meme is taking too much time/thought, I probably won’t do it. I won’t waste hours of my life trying to think of things for TTT.

    As for commenting on meme posts, I like to if I’m interested in the topic. Case in point, I LOVED seeing what books people would put in their beach bags for summer.
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Review: A Shattered Moment by Tiffany KingMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Okay, but if you are doing memes that everyone else is going, that isn’t spicing anything up. If you are talking about Music Monday and Tasty Tuesday, then yes I agree with that. With those, I love, because it’s another way for you to express yourself. I never considered those to be “memes” though.

  2. Alyssa

    I don’t typically take part in weekly memes — they do help me meet people, but like you say, those people often only come back for the memes. And it’s just exhausting to conform to all the rules! (A few bloggers rock breaking the rules and I LOVE reading their weekly meme posts, even though I skip over many others.) I’ve stopped blogging meme posts simply because I don’t read a lot of meme posts, but I still do tags and such — those are slightly more fun and spontaneous than memes, I think, because no one bats an eyelid if you fudge it up a little to suit your own purposes 😉
    Alyssa recently posted…The Student’s Guide to Chemistry in 3 Simple StepsMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I think if you want to take a meme and twist it a little – that’s okay.

      I love the weekly wrap up posts. It’s fun to see everyone’s updates in one area

  3. kimbacaffeinate

    I use to do Wow but got burned out from it. I still like visiting them and have found some great books. Of course as the host, you know I love the Sunday Post. I love the personal aspect of it and catching up on my,favorite blogs over coffee. Some of the memes out their especially the question or discussion posts I enjoy.
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Dissident by Cecilia LondonMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I did too – even though I do WoW on my other blog, it’s hard for me to think of books for it.

      Yes, you take the time to comment on every post (I believe) and that is great. I love the Sunday Post because I love seeing everyone’s stuff condenses in one post because I can’t often visit everyday.

  4. Lekeisha

    I participate in 2 memes (mostly only one, since I started blogging last year). I really don’t have the time for the other days of the weeks, especially if I want to get a review up. I will only do a Wednesday meme if I feel there’s a book that I want to spotlight that I really have to get my hands on. I just recently started that one back up, but I skipped this week. Mainly in part because I didn’t have time to get a post together. Memes can be fun and helpful to those looking for their next read. Before I started blogging, I was obsessed with STS and WOW memes, because I always found some great books to read from the posts. Now, I’m finding it hard to do anything blog related. Fortunately, I have scheduled posts for the rest of the week. I just can’t do all the memes in the blogosphere. There are just too many to count and, quite frankly, it’s tiring.
    Lekeisha recently posted…The Witch Hunter by Virginia BoeckerMy Profile

  5. Amber @ YA Indulgences

    I definitely enjoyed this post! I agree with your feelings, memes can definitely get a bit overwhelming to see in the blogfeed, especially when you don’t do them. When I first began blogging, I did all the memes. I did The Sunday Post, some Monday post (What Are You Reading, maybe), Top Ten Tuesday AND Waiting On Wednesday. Those were just to get my blogs out there because prior to creating my blog, I’d read that a lot of people didn’t care a whole lot for them. I also tried out some other ones as well. I used to do Stacking The Shelves in the same post as The Sunday Post, then when I cut it out, I included it with my own weekly recap.

    Now though, I only do Top Ten Tuesday because it’s fun and I almost always have books I can add. Although a couple of my lists have overlapped a lot. I started my own feature for Wednesdays so that’s why I stopped WoW. Plus, I like that I don’t have to double up a lot. On those days I did memes, I also had regular posts planned, so it’s nice to be free from all that.

    It is a little annoying when a certain person only comments on a meme, I mean, I can understand why they comment on it, but it sucks if they don’t check out what else you’ve done. Of course, if the favor’s not repaid, I could sort of understand.

    I definitely don’t feel like I NEED to continue to participating. I’ve dropped all memes except TTT. I don’t generally comment on memes, I don’t comment on really any WoW because there’s nothing original in them really. They say they’re excited, they write a couple lines, I glance over them and leave the page. When I did WoW, I’d be sure to talk about specific reasons why I was interested and it would be at least a paragraph long. Not that there’s anything wrong with people just saying they’re excited for this book or anything…
    Amber @ YA Indulgences recently posted…Visual Expression and Social Media (ABEA Day #2!)My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Yes, they are very overwhelming!!

      There are many that only comment on memes, or say the same thing over and over.

  6. Nereyda Gonzalez

    Ah memes, everyone has an opinion on them…
    I personally don’t mind them, they are just like any other post or review. I read it if I’m interested and skip it if I’m not. I do think memes can be fillers but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I still participate in memes but not every single week. Sometimes I skip them if I’m really busy or if nothing is coming to me (like a wow pick). I’m like you, I hate having more than one post so if I’m doing a meme, then that’s all you’re getting from me that day. I can’t stand when bloggers bitch and complain about memes though….
    For some reason, I’ve come to hate the word ‘originality’ when it comes to blogging. I don’t think you should have to ask for permission to do whatever post you want to do. NOTHING is unique! As long as you say your idea was inspired by ____, I think you’re good.
    It’s your blog, do what you want!
    Nereyda Gonzalez recently posted…Waiting On Wednesday (144)My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Yes, everyone has an opinion on them. LOL and it’s MY TURN.

      I don’t necessarily think there is something “wrong” with posting fillers, but that could almost be filed under “posting for the wrong reasons” I don’t see MUCH bitching, but I think I have an idea what/who you are referring to.

      You shouldn’t have to ask permission, that’s my point. My issue is, if I were to do a top 5 list of books to read in June, I would be accused of “stealing” someones idea. My top 5 list wasn’t influenced by ANYONE else, so why credit someone that has NOTHING to do with it? There are 10 people with the same ideas/opinion, there is not one single person that should be given credit. And that shit pisses me off.

  7. Lola

    I think it very much depends on how you do your memes. I agree they can be exhausting and some days I see too many of the same meme in my feed and after the first few I usually don’t check them anymore.
    But then I also think that many bloggers forget they can make a meme original. With waiting on wednesday explain why you’re looking forward to that, write an alinea or two about or what you expect, how you came across it, make the reader enthousiastic for the book as well. With TTT explain your choices and listings. If I haven’t heard of the book it probably won’t tell me anything if you list it as favourite male main character, but I love it when people explain their chocies as that means I can understand why that book got on their list and maybe even check it out myself. A cover only shows me what’s on the cover, nto why it’s on a list.

    I participate in two memes The Sunday Post and the My To-Be Read list. I love the Sunday Post. I met a lot people that way and I love recapping my week and sharing what’s been going on my life that week. The My To-Be Read List meme is to list three books every month and then visitors can vote which one I’ll read that month, what I like most about that is hearing my visitors be enthousiastic about the possible choices and let them tell me why I shoudl read those books.

    I think memes can be a great way for beginning and even non-beginning bloggers to meet other bloggers out there, I know I met a lot of my closest blogger friend through the sunday posts. And I think it especially matters which memes you join and how you handle it.

    And with your comment about not wantign to participate every week, you can also throw away the meme title and jut make a feature for your blog and do it every once in a month, it can be a feature for your blog and still be a thing/ feature instead of a meme.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Ramblings: What Influences your Enjoyment of a Book?My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Exactly. If I follow 100 blogs and the everyone one of them does that meme, chances are I will not visit everyone. Maybe the first 5?

      But writing your own thoughts on the book, does not make your changes “original”. A lot of people do that. That’s where the filler aspect comes in, those that just post a cover, link to goodreads and maybe the blurb, that tells me it’s a filler post.

      I love the Sunday Post too. It’s fun to see all the blogs on that one and see everything condensed in one post, especially since I can’t visit every blog, every post all the time.

  8. Amanda P.

    Good topic! Yeah, I actually only do one weekly meme that are done by a lot of people around the blogosphere which is Top Ten (It does get old though sometimes). And then I decided that I wanted to do a meme that reflects me as a person, so I started Hello, Love. It’s not one that people really get in on, but it’s one that I’m able to use to reflect me as a person. I always try to add 2-3 reviews throughout the week and then hopefully a discussion topic on Fridays. I am a huge advocate of ‘do what you want to do when it comes to your blog,’ so if a lot of memes pleases someone then they should do it, but I find for myself that I do better if I participate in memes or posts that reflects more of my personality and tastes.

    1. tonyalee

      Yes, TTT gets old really fast. I was excited at first to start but quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be a weekly thing here.

      I am an advocate of that too – and I am not saying that they shouldn’t do memes. My goal is to discuss the OTHER side, as a reader, but how many people will stick around and read them? If you just don’t care for readers, then fine, that wont matter to you. (not YOU just in general) But then, why post something that so many others ARE, on a link up, if you didn’t care about your outreach?

  9. Braine Talk Supe

    I don’t do a lot of memes, I have a few self-hosted ones but I don’t think those count since it’s not a link up. I do love visitng WoW and Top Ten Tuesdays, I’m lazy and don’t do so well in terms of book gossip, like upcoming books, so I get it through WoW. As for Top 10, sometimes the topics are interesting. And yes, it does make for great filler posts lol

    1. tonyalee

      Some of the topics for TTT are fun but are getting redundant. Looking back, most of the books I have used/talked about are all the same. WOWs can be hard for me, because I do that one on my other blog. lol

  10. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    Memes were my way to build a following and to meet people as well in the beginning, especially WoWs and Stacking the Shelves. I’ve stopped doing StS not because I don’t enjoy doing them, but because I was doubtful about my intentions, as if I was doing it for the right reasons. So I replaced it with Random Gibberish so I could talk more about myself and share ideas and all. I still do like doing WoWs because it does really help me discover books, but I know what you mean about it being saturated in a sense. TTT is one of my favorite memes even though I don’t personally do it. So I’m kinda neutral about meme posts. I’ll read them, but I won’t force myself to if it’s not something interests me.

    1. tonyalee

      I would say that using memes to build a following would be a plus, but I didn’t have the best experience with it. Sure, I met bloggers and friends, but that was it.

      I know what you’re saying about STS – and the pessimist in me wonders how many others have the same thought but just don’t care, ya know?

      Wows are fun, but I always have the hardest time finding books to feature. That, and because I use it on the other blog, not this one.

  11. Wendy @ Book Scents

    It depends on the meme for me if I’ll read it. To be honest… I tend to ignore WoWs and I can’t really formulate a reason WHY, it’s just never appealed quite as much? I dunno. But, I love TTT! If the topic doesn’t grab me, I’ll usually pass on doing it but if it’s something I really want to do/have stuff to say then I’ll do it. It is a great way to find blogs too, but for TTT I find I really like seeing what other people have on their lists esp if it’s a topic I find interesting. Maybe I just really like lists, haha. StS I like doing bc yay pretty books! But it actualyl also helps me keep track of what new things I got, haha. Plus I love seeing what new books people are adding. I guess long story short, my feeling about memes is that… it should be something that you LIKE doing not just to fill up posts.
    Wendy @ Book Scents recently posted…Audiobook Review: Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert MurdockMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I love TTT too, but I find that my answers or picks are the same every week. Maybe I just get stuck on a book/author? IDK.

      I don’t mind sts posts, but I don’t read them. I read the ones that are wrap up posts + sts.

  12. Suzi Q, The Book Dame

    I don’t personally do a lot of memes. I join in TTT when the topic is something that I can’t resist, and I do a thing every week where I list a couple of books that I own, but have still not read, but that is pretty much it. I will happily comment on memes on other blogs if I have something to say that is more meaningful than “great haul”. WOW’s don’t usually appeal to me at all, but there are rare exceptions where I see a book that I didn’t know was coming out.
    With all that being said, I am not inclined to follow blogs whose feed is little more than memes and blitzes.

  13. Cayt

    I love memes, to a certain extent. They can get boring though, after awhile and I don’t really like blogs that ONLY post memes. I do a couple memes on my site. I do Musing Mondays, Top Ten Tuesdays, and Feature and Follow Friday. I do these particular memes because I enjoy them. There are tons of other memes out there that I could do but I don’t have much personal interest in them. For me, I like the ones I do because they give you a chance to talk about yourself and your interests, which is a nice change from book reviews.

    I think most of my followers and interactions have come originally from memes of one sort or another. It is great to have them there to spice up what you’re putting out. I do those memes, my features, and three reviews as week. Having memes gives me a chance to do something different. They can be filler but I don’t consider mine that way. I put a lot of thought into them, just like my posts.

    I do think you can go over the top with it though. I get bored with a blog that posts only memes and I do admit that I get bored with reading TTT or FF on weeks when the question / topic is not as original as other weeks. There are only so many times I can read about some topics, like best books of 2015. Most people pick the same things. But the more unique weeks that ask more personal questions are a lot of fun!
    Cayt recently posted…Musing Monday #15 – What Book Would You Currently Recommend?My Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Exactly. Finding blogs that only do memes can be a little disappointing. Or if that is majority of their content.

      I think so me, there were/sometimes are fillers, because I have so much other stuff that I do. And I dislike double posting (of course I say this the day after I did a double post >.<) I am finding that a lot of memes are redundant. Maybe I haven't found the right one?

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