Random Rants and Rambling | Revisiting My Growth As A Reader

Revisiting My Growth As A Reader

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A few years back, I addressed this topic after a conversation I had with a friend about our love of books potentially fading away. Today, I want to revisit it because I read an old review of mine (do you do this? Because HOLY BATMAN talk about horrid!) and I was surprised by thoughts on the book/series and why I waited so long to read it. I read another review and I couldn’t fathom WHY I loved it SO MUCH. When I think about it,it’s silly.

Moving on.

I’ve been thinking about the old me vs the new me and why my reading preferences (may) have changed.

  • The old me: Hated maps and glossaries and shied away from Fantasy.
  • The new me: I LOVE THEM. I always look for maps in books, especially fantasy, and I miss them when I listen to a book I know has a map.
Why the Change? Honestly, I have no idea. Thoughts?
  • The Old Me: Didn’t read Historical Romance
  • The New Me: I, kind sir/madam, cannot get enough and will partake in reading all the Historical Romance books.

Why the Change? Maturity. I hated “women are shit men are awesome” mentality and instead of subjecting myself to the rage, I didn’t read it. Since I’ve grown up (a little) I accept that this is just how things were (are??).

  • The old me: Didn’t read anything with Teen Pregnancy, Rape, and any other sensitive subject matter.
  • The new me: While I don’t go LOOKING for such books, I seem to have a new radar for them? Odd.

Why the Change? I love a book that will put me out of my comfort zone and will challenge me. My beliefs, thoughts, etc. It’s hard for me to read these books still, but honestly I think they are necessary in ALL fiction.

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Other ways my reading as changed:
  • I read less YA. Which makes me SAD. But, there just aren’t as many that DEMAND my attention like it use to.
  • I read (listen) to more audiobooks.
  • I read more WHODUNNIT books.

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Honestly, I think there are both internal and external contributing factors, overall. Most of my changes as a reader has been my growth as a person. I don’t tend to shy away from things that make me uncomfortable anymore. I tend to be more critical, too. I’ve outgrown a lot of authors because I felt like their books were all the same. Likewise, I’ve discovered new authors!

Let’s Talk

  • How have your reading preferences changed over the past say, year? Two Years?
  • Do you think outside influences have contributed to that?
  • Is there a book or series that you feel if you re-read today, you wouldn’t enjoy as much?

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2 thoughts on “Random Rants and Rambling | Revisiting My Growth As A Reader

  1. Jackie

    I’m not sure I’ve “grown” as a reader, but my tastes have changed. I entered the blogosphere right out of college, and I read YA almost exclusively. Now that I’m 30, I find that, like you, YA doesn’t demand my attention like it used to. I don’t know if I have a preferred genre these days; I describe my taste as eclectic. Though, I do pick up cozy Mystery novels frequently. Also, if I’m looking for comfort, I do slide back in to YA novels. I’ll always have a place in my heart for those.
    Jackie recently posted…Life Lately: the Comeback KidMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      I think your (or anyone’s) tastes that change is growth. Moving from primarily YA to Adult is our growth. There’s something there that leaves us sitting on the sidelines, ya know? Not saying those books are for immature readers. I love YA. I feel like there’s (usually) more growth in a character because they’re experiencing new things. I think, like you, my comfort books are YA.

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