Blog Tour | Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott (Review + Giveaway)

Blog Tour | Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott (Review + Giveaway)Five Feet Apart
by Rachael Lippincott
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Published by Simon Schuster Books for Young
Release date : November 20th, 2018
Genres: Family, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 288
Source: The Publisher | Format: ARC
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Can you love someone you can never touch?

Stella Grant likes to be in control—even though her totally out of control lungs have sent her in and out of the hospital most of her life. At this point, what Stella needs to control most is keeping herself away from anyone or anything that might pass along an infection and jeopardize the possibility of a lung transplant. Six feet apart. No exceptions.

The only thing Will Newman wants to be in control of is getting out of this hospital. He couldn’t care less about his treatments, or a fancy new clinical drug trial. Soon, he’ll turn eighteen and then he’ll be able to unplug all these machines and actually go see the world, not just its hospitals.

Will’s exactly what Stella needs to stay away from. If he so much as breathes on Stella she could lose her spot on the transplant list. Either one of them could die. The only way to stay alive is to stay apart. But suddenly six feet doesn’t feel like safety. It feels like punishment.

What if they could steal back just a little bit of the space their broken lungs have stolen from them? Would five feet apart really be so dangerous if it stops their hearts from breaking too?

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Thoughts:

It’s not that I look for books that are emotional. They just.. find their way on my radar…

Who am I kidding – I totally look for books that are emotional.

FIVE FEET APART immediately caught my eye by that one liner “Can you love someone you can never touch?” It’s thought-provoking, is it not? I wanted, no NEEDED, to know Stella and Will’s story. I wanted to see how two teens living with a terminal illness came together and fall in love.

And it was bittersweet as all get out.

Told in alternating first person POV, we get an inside view of their struggles, their dreams, desires and wishes when it comes to both life, and death, and how their illness has shaped them to who they are. I really appreciated this, because both Stella and Will had VERY different views on their illness, and how they are spending their days. It was eye-opening to see both sides. Thought provoking, too. In addition, we have a cast of secondary characters that I adored. They brought so much life to the story.

As far as the romance goes, I never got that… doomed feeling that I was expecting. I mean, they can’t touch, nor can they be too close to one other, but that feeling never came. It’s a slow budding romance and made me grin from ear to ear. It’s bittersweet, yes, but it shaped and changed them in so many ways, it was beautiful.

All in all? I laughed. I cried. My heard swelled. This is such a beautiful story, and I highly recommend it. Also the movie trailer? *ugly cries*

Rating Report
Overall: 4.1

About Rachael Lippincott

Rachael Lippincott was born in Philadelphia and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She holds a BA in English writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, splitting her time between writing and running a food truck with her partner.


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18 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott (Review + Giveaway)

  1. Debra Branigan

    Can you love someone you can never touch? Yes, of course you can. This comment made me think of David, “The Bubble Boy” who had the disease where he couldn’t live outside his sterilized room. How tragic not to feel the human touch.

  2. Ann

    When I saw the trailer, I did some research, and when I found out there was a book, I got so excited! I still am! It sounds amazing

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