Misconceptions About Weight Loss, Nutrition, & Fitness. Part 1

This post is part of a series, A Look At My Fitness Journey. It’s my personal story of how it all got started, and how I stay motivated. This Fitness feature is a collection of advice, recipes, motivation and of course, my progress.
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Since starting on my Fitness & Weight Loss Journey, I’ve been asked the same questions, or receive the same comments, over and over again. So I thought, why not put them all together and discuss them in a blog series?

Being who I am, I set out to not only educate myself and find what works best for me, but also to educate others. Because there is a LOT of misguided information out there; some even harmful. If there is ONE thing to do before starting on this type of journey, or any actually, is to educate yourself.

Weight Lifting is only for Body Builders

“I don’t want to bulk up.”

This is probably the top comment I get that makes me want to pull my hair out. Lifting weights will in fact, not make you bulky. Lifting actually burn fat, tone, and strengthens your muscles. It also works on balance and can be a killer core workout. Can you get bulky? Yes. However, body builders eat a surplus of protein, take a lot of supplements, not to mention, train all.the.time. Lifting 2-4 times a week, will not give you a body builders physique.

That being said, it does change your body. I stayed at the same weight for about 5 months, give or take, but my body changed drastically. I lost inches of fat, and gained inches of lean muscle. My legs are impressive. 😉

Starvation Diets Work

“How can you eat _____ on your Diet?

Easy Susan, I’m not on a diet.

The looks I get when I mentioned this, makes me smile every time. So what do I do? Eat pizza and drink margaritas! No, seriously. Balance, people. I eat right. The right balance of foods at the right portion, at the right caloric intake for my goals. Actually, I eat pretty much every 2 hours, everyday.

Fad diet’s, in my opinion, do not work long-term*. (I wont say anything for a short amount of time, because I wouldn’t know honestly, but I don’t believe they are good for you.) The best, and safest way, to lose weight is to be at a caloric deficit. Honestly, it’s a complete lifestyle change. Does that mean you can eat out? YES! Does that mean you can drink? YES. It’s all about balance, and again, portion control. 

You Should Only Run

“I don’t want to run”

That’s great! You don’t have to.

I have a love/hate relationship with running, which I will write about more on a later date. Regardless of that, it just isn’t only effective exercise to burn calories.

I love you runner friends!

Your body is a beautiful thing and adapts. So yes at first, you will lose some weight because your body is WORKING HARD and you’re BURNING CALORIES! But as your body adapts to running, you need to work harder and fun faster to continue to see results. If you are training to be a long distance runner than great! you’ll probably continue to see results. I wouldn’t know. But if you’re like me? I run for the cardio boost, the after run high and of course, the medals.

I don’t have expert advice on WHAT to do – but personally, I’ve seen the best results doing HIIT and weight lifting. Period.

Let’s Talk

  • Do you agree or disagree with my advice? Why or why not?
  • What are some misconceptions about weight loss & fitness do you want debunked? 
  • What workout work best for you?

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*Please note, I am not a professional fitness trainer, nutritionist, or other licensed expert. Any advice given in these post and my blog is purely from self education. Opinions are my own

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7 thoughts on “Misconceptions About Weight Loss, Nutrition, & Fitness. Part 1

  1. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Love your final comment about running – you do it for the medals. 🙂 My relationship with exercise has been tenuous at best, and that’s gotten me into a lot of trouble. I’ll go through periods where I’m great about working out, and then others where I’m horrible about it. The problem is that when my body gets used to me working out, the breaks kill me and I gain a lot of weight and end up gaining more than where I started. I’ve gone through this cycle several times over the past few years, and it’s been frustrating. I know I should just KEEP working out and not stop, but…
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Things I Learned About Fairy Tales By Reading the Grimm’s VersionsMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Haha it’s true! I love my medals. And usually will pick a race because of it.

      Yeah once your body is “used to it” you need to change it up, or work harder. Which is why I typically mix up my workouts regularly. The cycle is hard to break, for sure.

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