My Extremely Late Monthly Re-Cap // February Wrap Up 2017

Monthly Wrap Up

No, you are NOT seeing things. This post is real and live. Late, but here. I feel like once I get just an iota of time to catch up on reading, blogging and well, life, things happen and you know. Nothing gets done.

In any case.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what in the world I’ve been up to – considering I haven’t posted anything except middle grade madness links up for about two months. In short – a lot. Long version?

In Reading & Blogging

I’ve only read four books… This year. Four. Not only has time been an issue but I just can’t seem to REALLY get into anything. And I have so many amazing books I want to read.

That being said, I recently finished reading The Valiant by Lesley Livingston, which was pretty good! I loved the girl power gladiator bit but I didn’t LOVE it as a whole. I’m looking forward to the sequel, though.

I also recently read Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner. Now this book, I loved. It’s heartbreakingly good, and had me UGLY CRYING at least twice. Defo a favorite.

Currently, I’m reading Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson. I’m only about 100 pages in but it’s pretty good so far! I’m also reading the final book in the Night Prince series, Into the Fire. I love these books so much! If you love paranormal romance, I highly recommend it!

New books on my shelf? Besides my ALA books, I’ve gotten SO much book mail lately but they aren’t ALL unpacked. I also went on a download spree! Which probably wasn’t the best of ideas but, alas.

In Life

Back in January, I went to ALA! I finally got to meet three of my girls, Ellice, Mary and Sara. I’ve known these girls for years and I was so happy to finally meet them! As for the ALA itself, I have to say it’s so much more laid back and professional than BEA. There is no comparison at all. So the books?

So, remember how I’ve been saying that I was quitting my job? I finally left! My last day was last Friday, the 10th. It’s bittersweet but I am so happy to be gone. I miss my peeps though, but since we talk daily it’ll be good! As for a new job, I am still interviewing but I’m confident I will find something soon.

In conjunction with that, I moved. That’s a story for another day, but! I’m good. It’s been a rough 8 months, especially the last 3, but again, I’m good.

What’s to Come

I’m hoping with the time I have right now, I can get a few books read. I don’t have anything special planned for the blog, just reviews and discussions as per usual, but it’s something.

Other than that, Same ol’ same ol’; around here!

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  • What good books have you read recently? 

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8 thoughts on “My Extremely Late Monthly Re-Cap // February Wrap Up 2017

  1. Marg

    Hiiiiiii I miss you! That was a fun weekend! Also, I really want to see the rest of your bookmail so get it unpacked asap! Goodbye Days totally broke me so I am not at all shocked that you cried. Definitely need to read The Valiant soon! And you’ve had a whirlwind of a year. Don’t beat yourself up that you’ve “only” read 4 books. 4 is awesome. Give yourself a break! You deserve one. <3
    Marg recently posted…Review + Giveaway: Geekerella by Ashley PostonMy Profile

  2. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    ALA was so much fun! I wish we could get together more often! Always here to talk if you need it. I’m glad things are calming down a little for you. 🙂

  3. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Sorry to hear about the craziness of the past few months but hopefully you’ll be able to relax a bit more. And I feel your pain about not being able to get into anything. I may have read plenty his year but the past week I’ve been really struggling to settle on what I want to read so I can imagine what it must be like when you’ve had a couple of months of it. At least you don’t have a shortage to read, so many books! I wish you luck trying to read them all.


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