3 Exercises I Dislike Doing

There may be some exercises that you dislike doing - but should do them anyway! I share my top 3, why I do them and why YOU should too.

I love working out – but there are some exercises I just really dislike doing! This is pretty common, right? This isn’t just me?? Not everyone can love every exercise out there! Spoiler Alert: That’s Okay!

In order for you to be successful in your weight loss or fitness journey, you have to want to be there and love what you are doing. But if you don’t, you should have the right mindset and motivation to talk yourself through it.

There are plenty of exercises I don’t like doing, but I do them. Why? Either to push myself to finishing something I started, or because of what that exercise does for my body. Today, I wanted to share with you my top 3 and why I do them!

Push Ups

Can I get an AMEN?! I can’t be the only one that HATES push-ups!

I do them though, because…well. Because I hate them. I feel great after finishing a set of push-ups. I am cussing myself out whilst doing them, though. It’s all mental.

I admit they are a great workout for your arms and chest. There are a LOT of different types, too. WHO KNEW!? I usually do 3 sets of 10-12, depending on how I am feeling at the time.

PS: It’s okay to do assisted push-ups.

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OY! So, part of me likes Planks, and part of me hates them with a 1,000 suns. They make your body BURN all over. You also shake like an unbalanced washing machine. They look so damn easy it makes me sick. They are in fact, NOT EASY.

These are GREAT for your core though. Although I have a beautiful layer of fat over my abs, they are there, and having a strong core is necessary for a good form of other workouts. 

I do them at least once a week (I should do them more often, but…) for at least 3 sets of 30 sec – 1 min. Improving my time has increased my like for these. It’s a challenge. When I started, I was doing 20 seconds, MAYBE. Now I can hold a low plank for 90 seconds. Stronger = sexy baby!


Yep. ZERO love for Burpees. Like, at all. They combine jumping, which is rough on my Girls, Push Ups. And if you are really a glutton for punishment and do 8-12 count, and a little plank in there. I am NOT a fan.



These are a great HIIT workout. They really do get your heart pumping. Try adding these to the end of a workout, 60 seconds then 30-second rest. THREE TIMES.

You’re welcome.

PPS: Did we notice a trend? 2/3 are upper body workouts. >.< That’s because this girl loves, and NEVER misses, leg day!

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  • Are there any exercises you dislike doing – but do them anyway?
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5 thoughts on “3 Exercises I Dislike Doing

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    Haha I think the list could easily be longer than 3. I, on the other hand, love push-ups. I started because, Charlie Hunnam and Harleys. I could only do maybe 5 at the beginning and then got to where I could do more and more easily. It also helped me to be able to do pull-ups on a bar. That is one I don’t enjoy. I dreamed of being able to do a pull-over I think it’s called but that just takes more strength than I have.
    Anne – Books of My Heart recently posted…Space by Penny ReidMy Profile

    1. tonyalee

      Oh I agree! I was debating on planks vs pull ups! I do push ups because they are great for for strength but MAN I hate them LOL

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