Dear, The Love of My Life

Dear The Love Of My Life (Bear 🐻),

As I sit here laying next to you, I think about where we were a year ago; two, even three years ago. So much has changed, and I always think about my amazingly good karma to have gotten you.

Our relationship hasn’t always been the most conventional, I know. But I knew from that one special moment (you know the one) that you were going to change my life. I didn’t know how, or how much, at the time. Nor did I realize it would keep changing.

I love the life we built thus far — the crazy Fall nights watching football, to the quiet Summer days at the pool. Your presence keeps me grounded & calm, and as I’ve said before, quiets my mind.

I love the person I have become. You have given me the space I didn’t know I needed for me to grow; to come into myself. And I will always love and thank you for that. Your continued support and wise wisdom of “it’ll be okay” and “whatever you want baby,” while infuriating sometimes, has allowed me to make the decisions not only best for me, but best for the boys, and us; without guilt or fear of judgment.

Without you, I would still be lost.

I’m not just saying that, either. I look back at pictures of myself and often reflect how I felt all those years; I was a totally different person. People have noticed, too, so it isn’t just me saying these sweet things. 😉

I hope that, as we continue on our journey, we grow more together and continue to build a life worth living for.

I love you more.


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8 thoughts on “Dear, The Love of My Life

    1. tonyalee

      he IS! He is great to us!

      I’m not a super emotioanl person, but this took a few tries to write all the way through.

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