Monthly Wrap Up // March 2019

Hello! Well. There’s been a lot of change happening around here, I don’t know how much to even SHARE. Heck, where do I even START?  I’ve seen rapid growth on my blog and social media, and it makes me SO happy and proud of myself. Seriously. We need to celebrate ALL of our successes. I […]

Introducing // The Bi-Weekly Roundup

Hello! Blog As you can see there’s a title change – since I’ve been only posting bi-weekly, it was due. At some point, these will go away but for now, since  I love doing them, they’re staying. You can sign up for my weekly newsletter though! There’s been a lot of changes and I’ve made […]

Spring, Please Come Already // Weekly Wrap Up

Hello! Blog Milestone hit! 10,000 comments. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I’m looking for small business to have on the blog. If you run one or know someone that would be interested, let me know. Life It’s been SO cold this past week, I’m over it and ready for Spring. I mentioned it on […]

Monthly Wrap Up // February 2019

Hello! That image actually looked better in my head. Oh well.  I can’t believe we’re in March already! Time sure does fly when having fun, right? Anyway. If you follow along each week, you know pretty much what’s happening around here. But here are some highlights AND new news. Operation Blog Transition is in effect! […]

Two Weeks of Awesome Content // Weekly Wrap Up

Hello! It’s been two weeks since I posted – quite a few updates below! Blog There’s been some awesome blog posts recently!!  I did get myself in some very warm water (I won’t say HOT because it wasn’t that bad) with my #Booksfortrade post. Whoops! >.< Operation transition from a book blog has a new […]