Random Rants and Rambling #18 | Discussion Posts

Ironic, my discussion post is about… Discussion posts. One of my favorite things about blogging are the discussion posts. We love books, so we love to talk books and everything related. Majority of the bloggers I know – and follow – love discussion post too and love getting feedback from others about a particular subject. THIS […]

BEA here I come!

    Watch out, y’all! BEA is just days away and I can not even contain my excitement! Today I am packing, tomorrow I am working (BOO) but then I am heading off to New York! So what does that mean for the blog? It will be quiet. That’s a given! BUT.. I will be […]

Random Rants and Rambling #13 ~ Identity

*Hello Hello* Welcome back to yet another Random Rants and Rambling! Today, I wanted to talk IDENTITY. In two different aspects. 1.) Do you use a different name/identity online? (I read a post somewhere about using an alias and I cannot find it to save my life. So please, if you know who wrote it […]