Review~Broken Illusions by Ellie James

Review~Broken Illusions by Ellie JamesBroken Illusions
by Ellie James
Series: Midnight Dragonfly #2
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Release date : May 8th 2012
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Source: Library | Format: Paperback

It’s Mardi Gras, but for 16 year-old psychic Trinity Monsour this is no time for celebration. Another girl is missing. Haunted by visions she doesn’t understand—of an empty street lined by crumbling old buildings, a terrified voice warning her to be careful, and a body lying motionless in the grass—Trinity embarks upon a dark odyssey she could never have imagined. She'll stop at nothing to better understand her abilities, convinced that doing so is the only way she can make sure the terrifying images she sees never actually happen. 

But it seems everyone wants to stop her. Her aunt is worried Trinity might discover secrets best left in the past. Her best friend, Victoria, is afraid Trinity is slipping away, her boyfriend, Chase, fears she’s taking too many chances, and the lead detective will barely let her out of his sight. Only one person stands by her side, and in doing so, he slips deeper and deeper into her heart—and her dreams—blurring the lines of reality and illusion. 

When the dust settles, one of them will be dead

Also by this author: Shattered Dreams



‘Broken Illusions’  is the second novel in the Midnight Dragonfly trilogy. After the events in the first book, Trinity is still learning more about her abilities and coping with everything that’s happened, while living a “normal” life at the same time, when another girl goes missing.

It was a LOT better than the first. We know more about Trinity’s abilities while discovering more about them at the same time. I wasn’t as confused in this one as I was the first. I’m not sure if that’s because I started right after finishing Shattered Dreams or if it was James just weaving the story together better. I still had to sit back a few times, thinking what!? and re reading a few things, but over all everything went together nicely.

I wasn’t as put off by the romance in this one, but it wasn’t swoon worthy either. Her and Chase are cute together, that’s about it. I didn’t like the double standards. Chase seeing Jessica and him being extremely non trusting of Trinity. I liked the new characters introduced, and the twist toward the end was unexpected. I really had not suspected that person was the killer. And we also see a lot more of Dylan in this one.

I’m not going to go into too much about this one, because of spoilers, but I got to give it to James for that ending. That takes some series guts to do what she did. It was heartbreaking.. but I wasn’t overly upset about it. Almost like it was necessary. Not some cop out of an ending or a way to hook us readers into reading the next one. It was meant to happen that way.. and it worked.

Overall, great sequel.

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