Bookish Challenges | June Wrap Up

June challenges


Goodreads reading challenge aside, I have signed up for too many other challenges this year. Since there ARE so many, and because ya’ll voted, I went with a monthly recap! Check out my progress below! Just a note – these are the books that I READ this month, not reviewed. Therefore, my challenge page will look different.

Note: So. I need to step up my game on some of these challenges!

2016 Debut Author


Info Here

Total read 8/20

Books read this month towards the 2016 Debut Author Challenge:


2016 Rock My TBR


Info here

Total read 14/15

Books read this month towards the 2016 Rock my TBR:

2016 Discussion Challenge


Info here

Total discussions 13/48

All posts counted towards the 2016 Discussion Challenge:

  1. Random Rants and Rambling #37 | Love Triangles
  2. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger | Are Reviews a Lost Art?
  3. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger | Advice Posts & How To’s
  4. Random Rants and Rambling #38 | Reading Challenges
  5. When it’s time to say Goodbye
  6. New Year’s Resolutions | Quarterly Check In
  7. Random Rants and Rambling #39 | Is Reading Too Much a Thing?
  8. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger | Social Media – Too Much of a Good Thing?
  9. Series I Didn’t Finish | Part 1
  10. Series I Didn’t Finish {Part 2} The One’s I (probably) Never Will
  11. I Think I’m Becoming a Mood Reader // Random Rants and Rambling #40
  12. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger // Community Trends + Blog Growth
  13. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger // Insecurities + Musing & Honest Thoughts
  14. Common Misconceptions About Book Bloggers // From My Own Personal Experience
  15. Let’s Talk: Blogger to Blogger // How I #Bookstagram
  16. The Skinny on FTC Disclosures // What You Need To Know
  17. Let’s Talk Blogger to Blogger: Do You Review Every Book You Read?
  18. The 4 Elements of a Blog Graphic // Guest Post with Rebecca from Unbound Pages
  19. Let’s Talk Blogger to Blogger: Consistency, and How I Struggle with it 3 Years Later
  20. Random Rants and Rambling // Sequels I’m Dying to Get My Hands On
  21. A Look At My Fitness Journey | My Moment


2016 Audiobook Challenge


Info here

Total read 17/30

Books read this month towards the 2016 Audiobook Challenge


2016 Finishing the Series

Final 2 Large

Info Here

Total Read: /7 Series

Books read this month towards 2016 Finishing the Series Challenge


Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? How are you doing with YOUR challenges?



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