Audiobook Reivew~ The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Audiobook Reivew~ The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenThe Fault in our Stars
by John Green
Narrated by : Kate Rudd
Published by Brilliance Audio
Release date : January 10th 2012
Genres: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Length: 7 hr., 19 min.
Source: Library | Format: Audiobook
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link) AudibleThe Book Depository

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning-author John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

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The Fault in Our Stars is one of those books you can categorize as “books that everyone has read”. Even though I personally know of at least three that have not read it; pretty much everyone else has. And let’s be honest here; I was scared shitless to read it. I don’t do well with death, or cancer or anything REAL, if that makes sense. I think I felt a little pressure to read this one (just a pinch). Unspoken, that is. It isn’t like everyone (Well, ANYONE) was screaming from the roof tops that I MUST READ THIS. I just.. did. I thought for sure this one would have made me cry like a baby missing her mama. However, that was not the case. Look, I know I can be harsh sometimes. I am very, very cynical and the smallest things irritate me. This is OKAY. Most of you know this about me already, and know that I am a tough cookie to soften. But I really thought I would have loved this more than I did. I even BOUGHT TISSUES. But.. I was just not MOVED.

I almost feel bad that I didn’t rate this 5 stars. Almost. And I almost feel bad that I didn’t FALL IN LOVE with it. This is one of those books that you don’t see many bad reviews on. Because, really, no one is that heartless. But c’mon, who is going to really say anything negative about a book with a girl dying of cancer. Well.. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book and I did like it. I just didn’t FALL IN LOVE with it. It’s a beautiful story. It’s sad. It’s funny. It’s thought provoking and has some amazing quotes. Those quotes aside, I just wasn’t a fan of the writing and to be honest (since I usually am) I didn’t get the whole Peter guy scenario, (this was an audio and I won’t even TRY to spell his last name). 

*Ducks from all the tomatoes*

This is where I think the writing comes in. I have honest to goodness cried because of a death in an URBAN FANTASY — and a lot of people die in UF– but the writing was amazing. I was connected and moved by the whole scenario. Yes, John Green wrote some amazing quotes in this book, but I think that is where the line gets drawn. It was like reading a diary. Everything has already happened, yes? You are literally reading the events of someone’s life. It moves you (just a little), you get happy, you get sad; yet at the same time, you are disconnected. This is how I felt. When some of the events happened in The Fault in Our Stars, it was just so.. bland. Sorry, I am having issues explaining. Here’s a spoiler for you View Spoiler » I was only invested/connected in their characters TOGETHER. I feel THAT has the biggest impact on this for me as a whole.

What I did love– Their relationship. Sure, it had a insta lovish feel, but THAT is what moved me. THEM, TOGETHER. They were just so unbelievably cute together and I had most of my “teary moments” when it was something involving those two. Could this be because of the inevitable events to transpire? Probably. The parents. I don’t know why, but they really got to me. My heart was SO HEAVY for them. I couldn’t imagine going through what Hazel, Gus and Isaac go through, but as a parent? Just, no. The humor and jokes between them all. I love that they made light of their situation and made jokes. And some of their puns were pretty hilarious.

My Peeve- Well, the disconnect, obviously. I’m sounding pretty redundant so.. I know how that makes me sound, but I DID CARE, I cared okay? It was like I was seeing everything from far away, and it’s really hard to connect on a level when you FEEL that way. The whole deal with this Peter guy. I didn’t get it. Okay, I DID but I just couldn’t fathom my kid taking a girl and her mother ACROSS THE WORLD, only for it to be played off as a “cancer perk”. 

Overall- I thought the story as a whole was good. It’s really beautiful and sad, and some of those quotes are keepers. But the overall IMPACT of the book wasn’t that big for me. Still, I recommend it.

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