ARC Review~ Me Since You by Laura Wiess

ARC Review~ Me Since You by Laura WiessMe Since You
by Laura Wiess
Published by MTV Books
Release date : February 18th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Family, Young Adult
Pages: 368
Source: The Publisher | Format: eARC
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link) AudibleThe Book Depository

Laura Wiess captures the visceral emotion of a girl’s journey from innocence to devastating loss and, ultimately, to a strange and unexpected kind of understanding—in this beautiful and painfully honest new novel.

Are there any answers when someone you love makes a tragic choice?

Before and After. That’s how Rowan Areno sees her life now. Before: she was a normal sixteen-year-old—a little too sheltered by her police officer father and her mother. After: everything she once believed has been destroyed in the wake of a shattering tragedy, and every day is there to be survived.

If she had known, on that Friday in March when she cut school, that a random stranger’s shocking crime would have traumatic consequences, she never would have left campus. If the crime video never went viral, maybe she could have saved her mother, grandmother — and herself — from the endless replay of heartache and grief.

Finding a soul mate in Eli, a witness to the crime who is haunted by losses of his own, Rowan begins to see there is no simple, straightforward path to healing wounded hearts. Can she learn to trust, hope, and believe in happiness again?

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Before I get into my full review, let me start with disclosing something– I don’t cry.

Okay, yes I cry (usually when I am pissed off), and there are times where I get a little teary eyed. But overall, I am not a crier. It takes A LOT to make those tears fall. Me Since You had me crying. A lot. There were several places in the book that I had to set down my kindle and walk away, before I became a bawling blubbering mess. This is one of the most emotional books I have EVER read.

Everything that happened in this book took me by complete surprise. I had a few.. assumptions on what actually this BEFORE and AFTER event could have been. I was wrong.

You know what had the biggest impact? It wasn’t necessarily what HAPPENED– because yes tear my heart out, but the fact that these tragic and devastating things happened in the beginning AND middle of the book. We see Rowan before it all happened. We watched, heartbroken, as everything fell apart. As one event started the whole series of events. Not only that, Rowan is such a real, raw and honest character. Her thoughts and feeling were HONEST. Her grief was REAL. There was no sugar-coating it and I loved how Laura brought that out.

There was a scene in particular, where Eli is explaining to Rowan how he got his dog, Daisy. I read it to my husband and he even started to get teary. The is so much emotion in her writing. It’s a very powerful, beautiful thing.

Speaking of Eli. *cue tears* Eli, being a witness to the initial tragedy and with his background and grief too, really hits it off with Rowan. Eli was probably the one person, in her circle, that understood what she was going through and could help her. Their interactions were so emotional, beautiful and sweet. I almost started crying. Again.

Not only was I an emotional crying mess, there were parts I was so angry and happy too. Rowan’s “best friend” for one. I don’t think we could have a character that was so selfish and inconsiderate in this situation. It started right after the video went viral (more on that in a minute). She really knew these people and considered them family. But she turned her back on them. The people in their town, too. Rowan’s dad, Nick, was a dedicated officer and they ripped him to shreds after the video was released. View Spoiler » Eli too. It made me so MAD that people are so hateful. But the moments with Eli, the times when Rowan and her mother started to reconnect and heal, broke my heart in the best kind of way.

My Peeve – Nadia. That is all.

Overall- I loved this book. Me Since You is heartbreaking, emotional and one of the best books I have EVER read. Get your tissues, blanky or whatever else comforts you. This book will tear you apart, leave you vulnerable and mend the broken pieces with love and best of all, hope.


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