ARC Review | Deadfall by Anna Carey

ARC Review | Deadfall by Anna CareyDeadfall
by Anna Carey
Series: Blackbird Duology #2
Published by HarperTeen
Release date : June 16th, 2015
Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Suspense, Young Adult
Format: ARC
Purchase at: Amazon (Affiliate Link)

In the compelling sequel to Blackbird, Anna Carey delivers a gritty and adrenaline-filled story of a girl desperate to escape her mysterious and terrifying assailants. Told in second person, this heart-pounding thriller puts the reader in front of the target.

A week ago, you woke up in Los Angeles with no memory of who you are. The only thing you knew: people are trying to kill you. You put your trust in Ben, but he betrayed you and broke your heart. Now you've escaped to New York City with a boy named Rafe, who says he remembers you from before. But the two of you are not safe. The same people who are after you are tailing Rafe as well. As the chase heats up, your memory starts to return, but your past cannot save you from the terrifying circumstances of your present, or the fact that one wrong move could end this game forever.

With enemies on every side, and not a reprieve in sight, Deadfall will grab readers and refuse to let go. Perfect for fans of the Maze Runner series and the Legend series.

Also by this author: Blackbird
Also in this series: Blackbird

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blackbird – was one of the most unusual novels I read in 2014. It had a very interesting story line and the writing, done in second person narration, added that flare that made it worth reading. Not only that, it ended on quite the cliff hanger so I was eager to dive into Deadfall.

Deadfall, was even BETTER than it’s predecessor. The race is on to take down those hunting the teens – and the game of hunter vs hunted turns. It’s exhilarating and intense; keeping you on your toes throughout the whole novel. Many questions that were left unanswered were answered, and I loved getting the details surrounding this morbid game these people play.

In Blackbird, I wasn’t too keen on the added POVs that were thrown in. But in Deadfall, I quite enjoyed them. There is a lot going on, more than what surrounds Sunny/(we learn her name but I’m not sharing) and it helps us to learn more about the other people involved and WHY. Sunny is still having dreams of her time on the island, and I enjoyed these, too. Her and Rafe were close on the island, and I loved seeing the flashbacks of their time together and what else happened there.

We don’t know everything – and you wont know everything – but that’s okay. Even though the story is done being told, it’s not over. The ending left on a bittersweet note – something MAJOR happens that had me reeling. Not to say I liked it, but it adds to scary severity of the situation. But my heart was aching.

Beautiful writing, intense, non stop action and a story that will stick with you for a while. What’s not to love? I highly recommend it.


Rating Report
Overall: 4.6


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  • If not, does it sound like something you’d enjoy??

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7 thoughts on “ARC Review | Deadfall by Anna Carey

    1. tonyalee

      Oh, this would be good on audio!! 🙂 Yes, I really loved these. Let me know after you finish and tell me what you think!

  1. Suzi Q, The Book Dame

    I have the first in this series to read. It is great to hear that the second is even better. I will keep that in mind. I actually really like when an author holds back from letting us know everything. It adds to the build. I haven’t read Anna Carey for awhile, since the second in the Eve Series. Great review.

    1. tonyalee

      Yes the build up was INTENSE. This series was the first of hers I read, but I will be reading more from her. I hope you enjoy them too!

  2. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    I met Anna Carey at a book signing and she spoke about Blackbird. I thought it sounded really interesting and unlike anything I’ve ever read. I think it’s great that you loved book 2 even more! I love an intense, action-packed story, and the fact that this story left you reeling sounds like it’s far from predictable. I love it when a plot surprises me! Great Review Tonya 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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