5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using

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5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using

When I was a newbie blogger, I didn’t realize there were SO many different resources out there for bloggers (and it’s amazing how much it’s grown!). Even now, after changing my niche, I continue to find many various resources that have helped me grow, especially for WordPress.

From sites for graphics, plugins (there’s a plugin for EVERYTHING), and scheduling social media, I’ve come a long way in growing my platforms.

So can YOU!

I wanted to share with you a few of my Favorites – and I highly recommend you check them out! Because they’re life savers!

5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using

5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using


Probably my most used of all my favorites, Grammarly is a life saver. This is a grammar checker, and let me tell you; it has changed the way I write. Completely.

There are three different ways you can use it:

  • Online
  • Installed on your internet browser (for sure Firefox and Chrome)
  • Installed in Microsoft office

Best of ALL, it’s FREE!

Now, if you want to step up your writing, then I highly suggest getting a premium account. Not only does it check grammar and spelling, but it also checks your tone and writing style, and explains any changes that it suggests. 

On both free & premium accounts, you get a weekly report that tells you all the changes/errors corrected, and I’ve noticed that my word count goes up – and my errors? They are gradually going down. 


Tailwind is my newest find!

I have seriously stepped up my Pinterest game, and while I know there is SO MUCH MORE I should be doing, Tailwind has helped immensely!

Tailwind is a Pinterest & Instagram scheduler and marking tool. What makes Tailwind stand out the App you can install on your browser and phone, to quickly add pins to your scheduler, or, to save for later. This is SUCH a useful resource for blogging.

Tailwind offers the following:

  • Create a schedule on the number of pins you want to share per day; add pins to your queue, and then the auto schedule takes care of the rest! Rest assured, it doesn’t post the same pins together, and too often.
  • Create smart loops. You can create different loops with different content, which loops your pins in a rotation.
  • Join tribes! You can join a group of individuals with similar content and schedule pins. This is a FANTASTIC way to find not only pins to share and fill your queues but an amazing way to find content to help YOU grow as well!

You can start for FREE today. You get 100 PINS per month. But, if you use my Affiliate link, you get $15 towards your PLUS account. So, why not start today?

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Keywords Everywhere

This is another HUGE resource for bloggers. Keywords Everywhere is an extension I added on Chrome, which shows me relevant keywords to my search, and shows what other people are searching for. 

It also breaks down CPC, which is helpful to see who is paying for what.

For example, I googled my keywords to see what else would populate, which gave me ideas for what people are looking for that is directly related to what I am writing about. Now, I know to incorporate that, if it fits, into my post. 

Seriously. I save SO much time, and I’ve seen a small bump in my organic traffic in the short amount of time I have been keeping track.

Creative Market

I’ve been using Creative Market since the first month I started my blog, all those years ago! This is a one-stop shop for fonts, graphics, templates, web themes and so much more.

It’s free to join – and you can literally spend hours browsing fonts and graphics!

Best yet, each week you get SIX FREE GOODS. Yep, FREE. They range from fonts to graphics packs, to themes. I snag up anything I could use for later because it’s FREE.

You can also link up a Dropbox account so you can save it for later instead of downloading right away.


As with Tailwind, this is another new find. When I started making my own graphics, I started on Pic-Monkey. And while there is nothing wrong with it, Canva just has more useful resources for bloggers.

I create ALL my images on Canva. From Pinterest, Twitter & blog graphics, to the media kit and eBooks. You can also make headers for Facebook, create ads, and use for business cards.

I also love that I can use purchased templates, or create my own, and easily switch out images and titles for my Pins. This is a great blogging tool for beginners, as well.

You can create a free account, but I pay for Canva Pro, which opens up so many other features and gives access to images.

Let’s Chat

  • Do you use any of the resources mentioned above?
  • What are some of your favorite blogging resources?

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6 thoughts on “5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    These sound great! I haven’t tapped the Pinterest world much yet. I know that it is recommended I make images especially for Pinterest, but have never really sat down to do that. It seems time consuming. I do use Canva but not the paid version. I’ll pay for an image here or there, but I don’t think I use it enough to subscribe. These are great suggestions!

  2. Nicola Niemc

    Brilliant ideas! I don’t run a blog, but I do have my own website, which I’m always looking to update and improve. As an independent author, I’m constantly trying to improve my social media presence, and Pinterest is one of my favourite sites, so I shall definitely be checking out Tailwind!

  3. Jen Ryland

    Love Canva! Last time I checked Tailwind they didn’t have a free option (boo!) so I will have to use it! I was using another free pinning site but it shut down 🙁

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