5 Amazing Musicians You Haven’t Heard Of

While reaching the top of the charts is a dream of countless talented musicians, there are only a small percentage who ever make it to the ranks of artists like The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Madonna or Michael Jackson who all managed a dozen or more No. 1 hits

Who will be the next big musician to make it? These artists you’ve probably never heard of, are likely to become household names soon.

Check them out – and let me know if you’ve heard of them, or if you have just discovered someone new!

5 Amazing Musicians You Haven’t Heard Of

5 Amazing Musicians You Haven't Heard Of

Andrew Bloom

Andrew Bloom was thrust in the spotlight during Season 14 of “American Idol.” The singer and guitarist won over plenty of new fans as a contestant with his renditions of songs like Too Close before going on to compete on ABC’s “Boy Band” the following year. He’s written original songs like The Difference Between Me and You, and while his genre is pop, he infuses it with elements like soul, R&B, funk and classic rock, appealing to multiple generations. Bloom says he would practice guitar for hours in his room, and today, in addition to music, he spends time training as an MMA fighter to build confidence that helps him up on stage. While he can be seen wowing audiences in local bars and restaurants today, odds are his name will appear on big-name marquees soon. 

Maggie Lindemann

Lindemann burst onto the scene with smash hit Pretty Girl in 2016, her debut single that peaked at No. 2 in Sweden and No. 4 in Belgium. The Dallas native now based in Los Angeles started posting recordings on social networking app Keek and quickly gained a following – it wasn’t long before Gerald Tennison discovered a video of her on Instagram and signed on as her manager. Said to have a “voice built for bubble gum pop,” the soon-to-be 21-year-old has carved more of a niche recently by adding edge to her songs with haunting lyrics and melody that address topics like lost love, sobriety and insecurities.

Courtney Hadwin

This young British singer-songwriter was ranked as the No. 1 artist most likely to hit it big in 2019 by Ranker. Courtney Hadwin first became known more locally after competing on “The Voice Kids UK,” but became noticed on more of a global basis after competing in the 13th season of “America’s Got Talent.” That got her a record deal with Arista Records and Syco Entertainment, with an album expected to be released this year.

Hello Yello

Not only do they have a cool name, but this band out of Oakland, California made up of two brothers, Dylan and Jaden Wiggins, along with friend Martin Rodrigues, just began releasing their music last fall. They started with a string of singles before putting out the EP Love Wins, alternative tracks with elements of grunge and a bit of a hip-hop, poppy sound that’s gotten them noticed. 


L.A. based Bleached is a pop punk band with a mixed style of indie rock, garage punk, garage rock and classic punk rock. made up of sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin. They’ve had two studio albums, 2016’s Welcome the Worms and 2017’s Can You Deal receiving much praise, and they were followed up with a tour through Europe with Paramore. Incredibly talented, this is a band that should have been big after its first EP, but word is that the third time will be the charm with their new album expected later this year.

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  • Have you heard of any of the above mentioned musicians? If so, which ones? 
  • If not, did you discover someone today that will be added to your playlist!?

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