When the Movie is Better Than the Book

I struggled with this weeks topic – not because it would be difficult to find something to share, but because I had TOO MANY! Hype generally scares me enough out of a book for an unspecified amount of time. There are plenty of troupes I dislike, and I don’t always want a romance book love stories […]

The Health Benefits of Travel

If you’re thinking about planning a trip but are hesitating for one reason or another, you might want to know The Health Benefits of Travel. Yes, it comes with a cost, something that might be holding you back if you just moved into a new home after purchasing one of the houses for sale in […]

Monthly Wrap Up // May 2019

Hello! The Monthly Wrap Up is linked to FeedYourFictionAddiction May has been an exciting month. We are halfway through 2019. Can you believe it!? Here are some updates on what’s been happening! While not in May, we ran our first 5k of the year! (6/1) and for me, it was awful. I have shin splints […]

5k Training for Beginners

5k Training for Beginners

Have you always wanted to run a 5k, but not sure if you can? Does the thought of running intimidate you? I’m here to tell you; you CAN do it! Training for a 5k is simple – yet not entirely easy. You don’t need to run to lose weight, but the feeling of finishing a […]

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