Product Review // GhostPillow

I received my GhostPillow for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my thoughts or content of my review. As someone that struggles with a good nights sleep, I am always on the hunt for natural ways to get to sleep fast, and stay asleep longer. Without waking up in the […]

Where to Find Low Cost & Free Audiobooks

Personally, I am HUGE fan of audiobooks. I listen while working, driving, cleaning, you name it. It really helps focus in on my work during the day, or helps me escape into another world. It especially, helps me discover new books that I wouldn’t have typically read; as they create a whole new reading experience […]

5 Ways to Unwind after a Long Day

Over three-quarters of adults in the U.S. say they regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, according to The American Institute of Stress, which means it’s no surprise if you’re one of them. After a long, hard day at work all you might want to do is throw yourself onto the couch and turn on the […]

5 Amazing Musicians You Haven’t Heard Of

While reaching the top of the charts is a dream of countless talented musicians, there are only a small percentage who ever make it to the ranks of artists like The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Madonna or Michael Jackson who all managed a dozen or more No. 1 hits.  Who will be the next big musician […]

5 Of My Favorite Blogging Resources, You Should Be Using

When I was a newbie blogger, I didn’t realize there were SO many different resources out there for bloggers (and it’s amazing how much it’s grown!). Even now, after changing my niche, I continue to find many various resources that have helped me grow, especially for WordPress. From sites for graphics, plugins (there’s a plugin […]

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